EMRA Quiz Show Winners and Photos

May 2013 - Denver Health

May 2014 – Carolinas Medical Center

May 2015 – University of California San Diego and Texas A&M Christus Spohn (tie)

May 2016 – University of Utah

May 2017 – Virginia Commonwealth University


2017 Team UCSF Fresno 2017 Team - UK

Imagine coming across this crew in the ED? But at the EMRA Quiz Show, they fit right in.

Three residents and a …. Dinosaur? We had to rearrange the furniture for this big guy to fit, but we got ‘er done!
 2017 Hosts  2017 Judges and DJZZ

Olaf and Elsa, our hosts, in Orlando. AKA as Mike Yip from Yale and Sara Paradise, from University of California, Irvine.

The EMRA Quiz Show judges. They take their job seriously. Really!
 2016 Program Directors Spin

Program Directors and audience play for prizes too! 

 2016 Dance Off 1  2016 Dance Off 2 

2017 Dance Off

And inevitably, there's a dance contest, proving that yes, Docs Dance Too!
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