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Congratulations on considering a run for the EMRA Board of Directors. It is one of the most rewarding and most demanding opportunities you'll ever have during residency. By choosing to run, you will be taking on "extra" work in addition to your clinical and administrative duties during residency. There will be significant travel requirements and you will take on major responsibilities for resident advocacy in emergency medicine. In return, you will look back on your time in office as one of the most gratifying and even fun experiences in residency. In addition, you will be well-prepared for future leadership opportunities in emergency medicine. The information below will serve as a guide to learning about EMRA, choosing an office, and running a successful campaign.


Fall 2017 Elected Positions

Director of Education
Director of Technology
Secretary/Editor, EM Resident
Vice-Speaker of the Council 

How to Apply - Due September 5

Email the following to Cathey B. Wise, EMRA's Executive Director:

- Your CV
- Platform statement (200 words or less)
- Signed letter of support from your residency director
- Professional photo (JPG format)

EMRA will post statements and photos received from candidates on the EMRA Website.  Nominations from the council floor will be accepted 

Choosing An Office

Board of Director Positions  

Running a Successful Campaign
Running for Office
Step-By-Step Guide 
Letter to Your Program Director 
Elections Policy

Important Dates | Scheduling Considerations

Candidates are welcome to attend any of the EMRA Board of Directors meetings during ACEP18. Candidates are encouraged to attend the Resident Forum activities. Candidates are required to attend the Rep Council Welcome Breakfast & Candidate's Forum, as well as the Elections that take place during the Rep Council Meeting.  All events will be held in conjunction with ACEP's Scientific Assembly. View the complete schedule of events here.

Additionally, if elected, you should be prepared to attend the following events at ACEP18:
- All EMRA events
All EMRA Board members are expected to make an annual personal contribution of $120 to EMF and $120 to NEMPAC


Candidates seeking to join the EMRA Board should be aware of the travel commitments:

MEETING  AMA Interim Meeting  ACEP BOD Retreat  ACEP BOD Meeting  ACEP Steering Committee EMRA Board Retreat  ACEP Media Training
MONTH/ # of DAYS November (4) December (4) January (3) January (1) January (4) February (2)
WHO ATTENDS  Speaker, Vice Speaker All Presidents, ACEP Rep ACEP Rep Speaker All BOD President Elect
MEETING  CORD Academic Assembly  ACEP BOD Meeting EDPMA  LAC  ACEP Steering Committee SAEM 
MONTH/ # of DAYS March or April (5) April (3) April (4) May (5) May (1) May (5)
WHO ATTENDS  All ACEP Rep IPP, LA All Presidents, LA, others are encouraged All BOD Speaker
MEETING  AMA Annual Meeting  ACEP Finance Committee ACEP BOD Meeting ACEP/EMF Corporate Council  Scientific Assembly
MONTH/ # of DAYS June (4) June (2) June (3) July (2) October (8)
WHO ATTENDS  Speaker, Vice Speaker Past President ACEP Rep President, President Elect (highly encouraged) All BOD
*If you need scheduling details for further out before running, please contact emra@emra.org
**If you need precise dates for the meetings, see the organizational website or contact emra@emra.org

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Who can run for EMRA office?  Any active or international EMRA member can run for office.  Students and alumni cannot hold office.  This is clearly delineated in the EMRA bylaws.  If you are a resident in emergency medicine and are an EMRA member, you can run for office.
  2. What are the qualifications to run for office?  Being an EMRA active or international member.
  3. How long is the term of office?  Presidents serve three years, while all other offices serve a two-year term.
  4. Is travel required to serve office?  Yes.  The Board meetings are very important to the stability and strength of the organization, and typically consist of about 4 per year. 
  5. I’m not prepared to run for office.  How can I become more involved?  Check out our monthly newsletter, What’s Up In Emergency Medicine, to learn more about opportunities.  You can become your Program's EMRA Representative, a Regional Representative, serve on a Representative Council Committee / Taskforce, or serve on a EMRA Committee.
  6. How can I learn more?  Scour this website and you will find plenty of information about EMRA and its Board of Directors.  If you have specific questions about elections, you can contact the staff.
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