2017 Board of Director Candidates

EMRA appreciates extraordinary leaders that are eager to share their expertise, vision and passion to move our organiztion forward.

Electing Board members brings an immediate impact on our organization. Please thoughtfully review their platform statements and CV. Prior to ACEP17, share your thoughts and candidate questions with your Program Representative so that he/she may represent the will of EMRA members at their program when casting a vote. Each candidate will give a brief speech at the Rep Council meeting to further share their vision for the organization.

These candidates are fully aware of the commitment needed to serve on the EMRA Board. And, they have the full support of their program and their family.


Geoff Comp, DO, FAWM

Geoff Comp Photo

As EMRA President Elect, I will promote resident advocacy and education through input and collaboration with residents and students across the country. I plan to attract and retain members through the development of additional educational content, and by strengthening current products offered by EMRA. My efforts will also be directed towards enhancement of our divisions and committees to help EMRA members discover and explore their additional interests within emergency medicine. I also plan to further the development of EMRA policies and continue to collaborate with multiple outside physician groups to advance the EMRA mission. My presidency will focus on educational experiences and robust committee and division opportunities—all with the goal of assisting emergency medicine residents and interested students progress through their training. I look forward to representing the organization as we continue to grow and develop.


PDF-Icon-GIF Geoff Comp CV

Omar Z. Maniya, MD, MBA

Omar Maniya Photo

As Emergency Physicians, we’re the front line of health care. We see the human toll that theoretical arguments over healthcare reform, immigration, and the opioid epidemic have on our communities. And that’s why our perspective is so valuable.
More importantly, as Residents we’re not married to the status quo; we can imagine the world the way it should be, not just the way it is.

Our specialty, and our healthcare system, are better off when our perspectives are heard. That’s why I’m running, so we have more seats at the table and a louder voice on the healthcare and public health issues we care about.

In addition to 2 years in EMRA, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have served as the youngest member of the American Medical Association’s Board of Trustees representing 250,000 physicians during the fight to save Obamacare and DACA, earned an MBA, and named a “40 Under 40” Healthcare Innovator for startup work.

I’d love to take those lessons, along with your great ideas, to improve our amazing organization by:

  1. Increasing our Advocacy Footprint
  2. Stengthening EMRA's Finances
  3. Fostering MedEd Innovation through Competitions

It would be an honor to continue serving you,


PDF-Icon-GIF Omar Maniya CV

Vice-Speaker of the Council

Hunter Michael Pattison, MD

Hunter Pattison

I am seeking your support of my candidacy for the role of Vice Speaker on Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association Board of Directors. I believe a combination of my past experiences and clear objectives for the position make me well-qualified to serve you effectively over the next two years.

While in medical school, I had the opportunity to serve in a variety of leadership roles within organized medicine, and learn firsthand the importance that advocacy and health policy play within the greater healthcare world that I feel uniquely qualify me for this role. As Chair of the Florida College of Emergency Physicians Medical Student Committee, I gained a better understanding on many of the legislative efforts within the field of emergency medicine, and had the opportunity to connect EM-interested students from around the state of Florida. I was able to take this experience and bring my involvement to a national level as Speaker of the American Medical Association Medical Student Section, and oversee the policy discussion and formative national conference planning for medical student delegates from across the nation.

My primary goal as EMRA Vice Speaker would be to actively engage and invite all residents to find a place that they fit in, working to involve, invigorate, and interconnect the EMRA representatives with each other and the rest of physicians under the umbrella of ACEP. In addition, I would also plan to utilize my skills and previous experiences to help further the cause of the organization and advocate on behalf of my resident peers.

It would be a great privilege to serve you during the upcoming year as your EMRA Vice Speaker. I appreciate your kind consideration and look forward to speaking with many of you in October.


Hunter M. Pattison, MD


PDF-Icon-GIF Hunter Pattison CV

Nathan Payam Vafaie, MD

Nathan Vafaie

I found myself at bedside, seeing a patient with osteomyelitis and an impressive diabetic foot ulcer. I then looked up to appreciate an individual, an impoverished mother, who informed me that she only takes diabetes medication when pregnant because she spends her money on her kids and has no health insurance. Circumstances like these are the driving force behind my entire professional life.

Because what physicians can accomplish is so often determined by the system in which they work, I found myself drawn to the intersection of policy and advocacy early. Out of college, I worked as a healthcare lobbyist in Washington, DC for an umbrella organization made up of over 115 patient groups, pharmaceutical companies, and professional associations. Working in support of our mission to provide a united voice for chronic disease patients, I analyzed healthcare policy to find areas for systemic improvement, built broad coalitions, and advocated for those changes on Capitol Hill.

Those experiences helped underscore the importance of organized medicine, leading me to take on roles with EMRA, TCEP, and ACEP during residency. I hope to use a position on the EMRA Board to enhance my knowledge of and engagement with EM specific organizations and leverage my experiences to further the interests of our specialty just as I did as a full-time advocate: through coalition building, evidence based action, and enhancing value for members.


PDF-Icon-GIF Nathan Vafaie CV

Secretary/Editor, EM Resident

Adam Rieves, MD

Adam Rieves

From the first day of intern year until the day we retire, emergency physicians face the breadth of the human experience on every shift. We tirelessly advocate for our patients, our departments, and too infrequently, ourselves. This effort takes an unmeasured toll on us both emotionally and physically. How we steel ourselves against that stress now, while in training, determines how we’ll demonstrate resilience throughout our careers. Wellness is a concept that everyone is talking about, but few truly understand what it means or how to achieve it. Utilizing the platform that EMRA has successfully built among its members, the Board of Directors is in a unique position for advocating wellness, and in doing so unifies the priority areas within EMRA’s strategic plan.

The healthcare landscape will evolve substantially throughout our careers. In this environment, maintaining, defining, and refining our profession will be predicated on the strength of our advocacy, and I hope to have a voice in this process through service on the EMRA board of directors. If elected to the board, I will seek to provide opportunities that will ensure residents have the tools to be sustainably compassionate physicians along the continuum of our careers.


PDF-Icon-GIF Adam Rieves CV

Kim Aldy, DO, MS, MBA

Kim Aldy

The struggle to watch podcasts and read through the dense pages of Tintinalli’s is enough to cause a panic to ensue. The EMRA Resident Magazine is one of the reliable resources throughout residency that always contains something new and unique in EM. I am running for EMRA Secretary and Editor because I value this publication and want the opportunity to continue its legacy of succinctly promoting resident education.

Alongside the current EMRA board members, I have been active in ensuring that our patients continue to receive the resources they need. I have marched on Capitol Hill with hundreds of other EM physicians and residents at the ACEP Leadership and Advocacy Conference. In addition, I have participated in the development of ACEP’s annual agenda as an alternate councillor on the ACEP Council. As editor of EM Resident, I want to inspire our peers to become involved and educate them on the important issues that affect our future on the frontline of medicine. As a prospective board member, I feel I have the passion and drive that is needed to create positive changes for our patients, profession and residents throughout the organization.


PDF-Icon-GIF Kim Aldy CV

Tommy Eales, DO

Tommy Eales

As the voice of emergency physicians in training, EMRA relies on an experienced Secretary/ Editor to unify the many different voices that make our organization great. It has been a privilege to hold multiple leadership positions within EMRA as a resident and medical student, and I am confident that my experience has prepared me with the unique skill set necessary to succeed in this exciting and challenging role.

As a contributing author and former section editor of EM Resident, I understand the quality and standard of writing that is expected of our publications. As Secretary/ Editor, I will make it my legacy to increase the reach of EM Resident magazine and expand our growing online presence to solidify our role as the premier resource for resident-generated emergency medicine content. I will accomplish this by increasing our presence in the FOAM community.

Working with EMRA has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my career, and it would be an incredible honor to continue serving alongside my friends and colleagues as Secretary/ Editor. During my term, I will uphold the high standard for EMRA publications and work tirelessly to ensure that every voice is heard. Thank you for your consideration.


PDF-Icon-GIF Tommy Eales CV

Whitney Johnson, MD

Whitney Johnson

Hello! I come to you as an experienced leader asking fellow colleagues for the chance to be a new contributor to EMRA leadership! I would like the opportunity to take on the position of Secretary on the Board of Directors, as well as editor of EM Resident magazine. In this capacity, I plan to grow in the EM community by supporting my team (the Board) as we engage in strategic planning that shapes and drives the aspirations of EMRA, while concurrently working with EM Resident to reinforce EMRA’s online and literary presence. It is no doubt that this dualistic role is a challenge that I am excited to embrace with the goal of ensuring that the eclectic voices of residents continue to be heard at every step in their training. There is a sincerity, resilience, and diligence with which I plan to serve out of respect for those before me that worked hard to produce quality work. They have been catalysts, and, my goal is to continue this forward momentum to represent EMRA effectively and with unrelenting commitment to the shared core values of our specialty. Thank you for your consideration, and to my UCSF-Fresno program for their awesome support!


PDF-Icon-GIF Whitney Johnson CV

Director of Education

Ross Christensen, DO

Ross Christensen

I'm passionate about bringing the best educational experience to EM residents. The educational component of EMRA greatly impacted me as a student while serving for two years on the EMRA Medical Student Council. During my time on the MSC, I started EMRA Hangouts, which has connected more than 1500 participants to educational and mentoring resources since it started in May 2016. As Director of Education, I want to maintain EMRA's mission of excelling in education while expanding new programs that will further enhance it.

During my term, I want to provide new educational content at CORD. I will design the curriculum to make sure it's engaging, high yield, and memorable. I'm committed to our current EMRA products like the EMRA Quiz Show and 20 in 6 and will continue to maintain their high quality. I'm excited about trying new and innovative ways to bring education to the residents through EMRA Hangouts on topics like financial literacy, hot topics in EM, and life beyond residency.

Residency is short, but education is lifelong. As Director of Education, I will do my best to help residents gain access to the resources they need to be successful.


PDF-Icon-GIF Ross Christensen CV

Sara Paradise, MD

Sara Paradise

I still remember the day when a mentor at my residency program took me aside my 2nd year and said: “Sara, what are you going to do when you grow up?” I knew I wanted to stay in academics, and he encouraged me to consider medical education. “Medical education? What’s that?” I thought.

A few hours of ‘googling’ later, I learned about EMRA’s Medical Education Committee. I contacted them, and was instantly engaged by the committee leaders. I began working on the coolest projects, including the resident speaking competition “20 in 6” and writing an article for EM Resident magazine. Fast forward two years later, and I’ve even more engaged and involved in shaping the EMRA Education Committee.

What I learned through this jumpstart into the ‘med ed’ world was that EMRA people were “my people” and truly helped me shape my own passion for the field. It is a special organization where there is no limit to creativity; there aren’t “No’s” and “We can’t”, but rather “How can we?”

I feel privileged to be in a position in life where I have the time, passion, and commitment to an organization where I can mentor others into a similar field that I have grown to love. I am certain that serving on the EMRA Board of Directors will allow me to share this field with others and continue to provide high quality educational innovations that residents need to succeed.


PDF-Icon-GIF Sara Paradise CV

Director of Technology

Nick Salerno, MD

Nick Salerno

I am honored to have the opportunity to run for the position of Director of Technology. Considering the persistent effort EMRA makes to better improve member communication and expand service offerings, I see this role as one of great responsibility.

Over the past two years I have been active on the EMRA leadership team. First, as Southwest Region Representative on the Medical Student Council, and presently, as Simulation Division Vice Chair. Prior to medical school I worked in business healthcare, involved in projects pertaining to website and iPhone app development, EMR customization, and informatics. These experiences primed me to be able to effectively serve you, by demonstrating my ability to work well with EMRA leadership, and by establishing the skillset needed to be successful in this particular role.

Both our past and present EMRA leaders have done an unprecedented job in making this the best resident organization in existence. And now, I humbly seek to serve you as Director of Technology. I will strive to preserve and improve upon the great work of my predecessors. Additionally, I will listen to you, EMRA’s members, so we can identify novel ways to further address your needs.


PDF-Icon-GIF Nick Salerno CV

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