New Idea Process

You have an idea! Great!... Now what?!

Have an idea for the next great EMRA clinical resource like the Antibiotic Guide or PressorDex? A vision for the next amazing EMRA event like Quiz Show or 20 in 6? A way we could do things better, be more efficient, or make your membership more meaningful to you? Great! We want to hear it!

Regional Meeting Funding

If you are looking for funding for a meeting, stop reading the page below, and instead navigate to the EMRA Regional Meeting Sponsorship page.


Before you spend too much time sorting out the details, touch base with us to make sure your idea (1) fits within EMRA’s current Strategic Plan, (2) is feasible and within our scope, and (3) isn’t already being done! EMRA has many ongoing projects so there is always a chance your idea is already in the process of becoming a reality –– in which case we’d be thrilled to have you join the team!

Who should you call? Depends on who you are!

  • Individual member? E-mail
  • Program Representative? Reach out to the Speaker & Vice-Speaker.
  • Committee or Division member? Talk to your Chair and Vice Chair.
  • Committee or Division Chair or Vice Chair? Run it by your board member and staff liaisons.
  • Something strange in your neighborhood? And it don’t look good? Ghostbusters.

Once your idea has been screened, we’ll let you know what to do next. For example, projects that require minimal funding and staff support may be ready to get started right away, whereas other ideas will need to move on to Step 2.


Use the New Idea Worksheet as a guide to work through the details of your project. This is done best as a group of 3-5 people made up of other program reps, committee or division members and leaders, your co-resident members of EMRA, etc.

Every small group will need to include a board of director or EMRA staff member so we can help with any logistical or other questions you have along the way.

You do not need every little detail nailed down just yet, but all of the big-picture and important questions should be considered and addressed. See the worksheet for details.



Submit your idea to the Board of Directors for feedback through the board of director member or EMRA staff liaison you’ve been working with in your Step #2 small group.

We’ll get it back to you with questions or concerns, and a list of specific requests we hope will make your proposal and idea ready for prime time! This might include an itemized budget, list of space/equipment needed for an event, a sales or distribution plan for a new resource or educational product, or a detailed timeline you’ll use to complete your project.


Once you’ve addressed all of the questions and concerns from the board of directors, complete and submit a formal Proposal Form to the board for a final yes/no decision and further instructions on how to get started making your idea a reality!

Our hope is that this process will minimize the amount of work our members put into a proposal that we know early on will likely not be approved and to help those with great ideas make them as awesome as possible so you have the tools you need to succeed with your idea.

Do you have a project idea that you'd like EMRA to consider? Many of EMRA's best project ideas, publications, and events came from members just like you!

Steps to Proposing a New EMRA Project

1) Project Idea - Give a two to three sentence overview.

2) Audience and Objective - Who will be impacted and what is the desired outcome?

3) Four Crucial Questions - Do our members need/want this? Does EMRA have the staff capacity? Does it fit with EMRA's strategic plan? Are there any ethical implications?

4) Project Description - Provide the full details of your project including specific groups or individuals affected, job descriptions and roles of individuals involved, and execution plan.

5) Proposed Timeline - List phases of project if applicable and the estimated amount of time needing including who is responsible for overseeing each phase.

6) Budget Impact - What is the approximate cost of your proposal?


Submitting a Publication or Pocket Guide Proposal

EMRA is currently accepting proposals for clinical pocket guides (books or cards) geared toward broad EM resident education. In particular, we are searching for unique texts that are not available from other sources. We are NOT currently accepting textbooks or publications not designed for bedside or on-shift use. If accepted for publication, the final form of the publication (e-book, print, etc.) will be determined by the EMRA staff with the direction of the EMRA board. Please download and complete the the form below to get started.

Please submit completed book proposals to


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