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May 2017 Newsletter

EMRA Resolutions - Need Your Feedback!

Zach Jarou, MD (President-Elect)

The EMRA Representative Council will vote on 16 resolutions during its May meeting - so now's the time to weigh in on these proposals. All EMRA members can view and comment on the resolutions by logging in at emra.org and visiting emra.org/resolutions. (Remember, you must be logged in.)

The resolutions up for consideration tackle everything from paid maternity and paternity leave to health care coverage and access in today's political climate. Please view the resolutions and share your feedback by May 14.

Be sure to join us for all the EMRA events at SAEM17!


Committee and Division Spotlight: Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Vidya Eswaran, MD (Chair), and Abdullah Pratt, MD (Vice-Chair)

What is the EMRA Diversity & Inclusion Committee?
Hello from EMRA's newest committee - Diversity & Inclusion! Our committee was created this year in an effort to enhance EMRA's commitment to these important issues. Our mission is threefold:

  1. To promote and support diversity and inclusion for medical students and EM physicians-in-training on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual identity, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic status, religion, culture, disability, spirituality, and other characteristics - through education, collaboration, advocacy, and research.
  2. To promote increased diversity and inclusion of individuals under-represented in emergency medicine to better match our patient population through promotion of pipeline, mentorship, and career development programs.
  3. To promote equal access to quality health care and the elimination of disparities in treatment and outcomes through resident education and research.

What are you up to?
We are hitting the ground running, with many projects getting started. From creating mentorship programs to collating resources to surveying the EMRA body on their experiences - we're tackling this issue from many angles. Want to get involved? Sign up for our committee and email us at diversityinclusion@emra.org so we can connect!

Get involved with EMRA's Committees and Divisions! Join any Committee or Division anytime!


Membership Benefit Highlight: EB Medicine

Shehni Nadeem, MD (Membership Development Coordinator)

Looking to have all the latest literature at your fingertips? Or just want to have some evidence to back up your practice pattern? EB Medicine is just the place for that. Search for your clinical scenario and the highest yield literature on the topic will be pulled for you. You can access all this for FREE as an EMRA student or resident member.

Know of a benefit your co-residents would enjoy? Email your new membership benefit idea to membershipcoord@emra.org!


ACEP Section Connection: Careers in Emergency Medicine

Nida F. Degesys, MD (ACEP Representative)

The ACEP Careers in Emergency Medicine Section is for those interested in career development, longevity, and the history and evolution of emergency medicine. While residents are just starting out in the specialty (and thus won't be winning any longevity awards in the near future), the Careers Section offers a mentorship program that complements EMRA's own mentorship services.

Remember, as part of your EMRA membership you can join one ACEP Section for free (in addition to free membership in the Young Physicians Section)! EMRA members can join additional ACEP Sections at a discounted rate.


Wellness Tips & Tricks: Beach Vacation

EMRA Wellness Committee

With all these EM conferences happening in Florida this spring, enjoy your time in the sun safely.

  • Skin protection: Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB radiation. Make sure it is water resistant and has an SPF of 30 or higher. Reapply every 2 hours. Even better, cover up a bit - wear a hat, sunglasses with 99%+ UV protection, and use an umbrella.
  • Hydration: Between fluid losses from the sun and those delicious pina coladas, it's important that you stay hydrated. Between the booze, make sure you are drinking at least 10-15 cups of water each day (way more than we manage on shift!). You can also get some additional hydration through fruits and fresh squeezed juices.
  • Vitamin D: Take this opportunity to get some much-needed vitamin D after the long winter. As we know, vitamin D is important for improving your mood, regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorous, and facilitating normal immune system function.



Vice-Speaker's Report: Virtual Rep Council

Scott Pasichow, MD, MPH (Vice-Speaker)

As we rapidly approach SAEM, we are gearing up for some technology upgrades to the Representative Council:

Virtual RepCo
From now until May 14 you can make comments online about the resolutions that will be debated by the council. Go to emra.org/resolutions, log in, and make your voice heard!

Online Representative Council
For the first time in EMRA's history, you won't have to be present to vote, view, or participate in the Representative Council meeting. More information coming soon!

Council Committees
Like parliamentary procedure? How about wordsmithing resolutions? Volunteer to be a part of the Reference Committee, Credentials and Tellers Committee, the Parliamentarian, or the Sergeant-at-Arms. You do not have to be an EMRA Program Rep to volunteer, and this is a great way to see how the meetings run and gain valuable experience if you're looking to be a member of our Board of Directors. Email speaker@emra.org or vicespeaker@emra.org if you are interested.


Medical Student Council: We'd Love to See You

Morgan Bobb, MS-II (Medical Student Council)

The EMRA Medical Student Council will be meeting at SAEM17 on Wednesday, May 17, in the Bayhill 27 conference room of the Hyatt Regency Orlando. We welcome you to join us in discussing medical student issues and learning more about our Medical Student Council!


Our Very Own Shark Tank! Introducing incubatED!

ACEP is excited to bring incubatED to innovatED – our interactive, award-winning educational feature in the ACEP17 Exhibit Hall. incubatED will be a special section within the innovatED space specifically designed to showcase incubator and/or early-stage health care products. Additionally, this year, we will hold a special pitch event - a "Shark Tank" like event especially for select incubatED participants to pitch their product to angel investors and venture capitalists. Make plans now to take part! Criteria for eligibility include:

  • Must be in a pre-revenue stage
  • Large-scale distribution must not be established
  • Must be in the pre-FDA approval/clearance stage or be newly approved by the FDA
  • Some level of intellectual property must be established
  • Must have a physician/clinician advisor or recommender

Apply by June 30! Get details here.


Join Up with Young Leaders in Orlando

A brand-new event at SAEM17 will focus on building leadership early in your career. Gillian Schmitz, MD, FACEP, will present "Getting Involved in Organized EM and How It Helped My Career" on Friday, May 19, from 2-4 pm in Room Bayhill 21/Lobby Level of the Hyatt Regency Orlando hotel. Find like-minded young leaders, hear from an influential physician, and enjoy this wine and cheese reception.


AAWEP Awards Still Open

There's still time to nominate yourself or an outstanding colleague for an Annual AAWEP Award. Honors are up for grabs in 4 categories (residents, mentors, rising stars, and ED directors). Hurry! The deadline is May 15. Get details and get your name in the running!


Tricks AND Treats! Apply for EMRA's 20 in 6 Resident Lecture Competition

EMRA's 20 in 6 Resident Lecture Competition happens on Halloween this year, in conjunction with ACEP17 in Washington, D.C. Sponsored by HippoEM, this competition features the best and brightest residents, each given exactly 6 minutes to present a lecture with exactly 20 slides. Apply by June 15! Don't delay!


Health Policy Journal Club: ACA and ED Use

This month the EMRA + PolicyRx Health Policy Journal Club explores the impact of the ACA on emergency department utilization. Check out the journal club posting now. If you would like to participate in the Health Policy Journal Club, please email the EMRA Health Policy Committee at healthpolicyctte@emra.org or contact Vidya Eswaran, MD, at vidya.eswaran@gmail.com.


Showdown - and a Special Guest - at the Quiz Show

The EMRA Quiz Show, sponsored by Rosh Review, is the place to be on Wednesday, May 17. The show gets underway at 5 pm, and we promise:
   • 12 programs competing for bragging rights
   • A special guest appearance
   • Tough medical conundrums

There will be a little dancing, a lot of popcorn throwing, cheers, jeers, and noise galore. Can you think of a better way to have fun at a serious medical conference? Join us for the EMRA Quiz Show. Check out the competitors here! The event takes place Wednesday, May 17, 5-7 p.m.


Encounter Medical Mysteries at EMRA Resident SIMWars

Sometimes things are not what they seem – and you can bet they NEVER are at the EMRA Resident SIMWars. It’s a high-fidelity simulation competition between 8 teams of tough, smart residents anxious to show their medical chops in front of a live audience. Join us Friday, May 19, from Noon-5 p.m. Even if you can't stay for the whole event, come see a case or two – you'll be glad you did! Want to know who's playing?


New This Year! RSO Advanced Airway Shootout presented by EMRA

Ready to demonstrate their airway skills, 8 teams have stepped up to the plate for this brand-new event – and we hope they're ready for some curveballs. Come watch this competition of a critical skill! Join us Thursday, May 18, from 2-4 p.m. Who's competing?


Upcoming Events

AAWEP Awards Nominations Due: May 15
Essentials of Emergency Medicine: May 16-18, Las Vegas, NV
SAEM Annual Meeting: May 16-19, Orlando, FL
ABEM/NAM Fellowship Nomination Deadline: May 22
Regional Meeting RFPs Due: June 1
EM Resident Magazine Articles Due: June 5
20 in 6 Application Deadline: June 15
incubatED Applications Due: June 30
ABEM Fall Oral Certification Exam: Oct. 14-17
EMRA Events @ ACEP Scientific Assembly: Oct. 26-Nov. 1, Washington, D.C.
ABEM Qualifying Exam: Nov. 6-11
EMRA Hangouts: First Thursday of every month
EMRA•Cast: Listen at your convenience


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