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2017 EMRA Antibiotic Guide

You can't go on shift without this incredible resource - and you won't want to. The 2017 EMRA Antibiotic Guide brings you the latest developments in the world of antibiotics. Virtually every type of infectious disease is covered for outpatient management and for patients needing admission. The app features everything you love about EMRA's printed guide, but with the ability to search.

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EMRA-PressorDex EMRA PressorDex

Newly revised and updated for 2015, a comprehensive therapeutic guide to the myriad of pressors, vasoactive drugs, continuous infusions, and other medications needed to treat the critically ill patient. Written by emergency medicine physicians for emergency medicine physicians, this indispensable app gives you concise tools for choosing the right medication and dosing regimen every time, even during the busiest of shifts.

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EMRA-Basics-of-EM EMRA Basics of EM

EMRA's Basics of Emergency Medicine is the brainchild of an emergency medicine physician who became frustrated by other EM guidebooks, which were difficult to navigate and hard to use on-the-fly. Designed to be concise, not comprehensive, this app centers on the 20 most common chief complaints that present in emergency departments – from abdominal pain to alcohol intoxication.

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EMRA-Peds-Airway EMRA Peds Airway

Pediatric patients decompensate quickly. When a child needs an emergent airway, you simply don’t have time to solve arithmetic problems in your head. That’s where Pediatric Airway for your iPhone comes in – eliminating the guesswork and putting accurate dosing calculations at your fingertips. Correct dosages for common pretreatments, induction and paralytic agents are calculated instantly by simply dragging your finger up and down anywhere on the screen to set a patient’s weight. Drag left and right to set the age of the patient, and the suggested blade, endotracheal tube size and depth of insertion will appear. Don’t know a patient’s weight? Pediatric Airway can estimate it for you using the well-validated “Best Guess” method. The app’s clean and simple interface makes one-handed operation easy, without ever leaving the dosage screen.

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EMRA-EM-Rashes EMRA EM Rashes

EMRA's EM Rashes app offers a fast, easy, and accurate way to diagnose important rashes that present most commonly to emergency departments. Based on a popular rash algorithm developed by dermatological emergency expert Dr. Heather Murphy-Lavoie and featured in Emergency Medicine magazine on the EM:RAP blog, this practical app eliminates diagnostic guesswork. By selecting a rash type, then answering a series of simple yes or no questions ("Is the patient febrile?"), the algorithm leads you into a narrowed differential diagnosis and overview of each disease process, including notable findings and mainstays of treatment. Developed for emergency medicine physicians by emergency medicine physicians, this simple, free application was created by Dr. Murphy-Lavoie and Dr. David Kammer to help with your daily practice.

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Peds Med App Splash Screen. 2015 EMRA Peds Meds

There are a lot of Pediatric Dosage calculators for the iPhone. EMRA Peds Meds is the only one that lets you edit, create, and organize medications to reflect your clinical practice and institutional standards. Other features include accurate weight for age estimation based upon CDC data, the ability to share your customized formulary with colleagues, students and friends, in-app video tutorials, and useful quick reference information such as normal vitals and ETT sizes for age.

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Applications from EMRA Affinity Partners

VisualDx VisualDx Mobile

VisualDx Clinician helps primary care clinicians worldwide make fast, accurate diagnoses every day. Build a customized pictorial differential diagnosis in seconds, drawn from thousands of medical photographs revealing variations in presentation between – as well as within – diseases. Make well-informed and accurate diagnoses. VisualDx Mobile is available for iPhone and iPod Touch!

EMRA members can receive 12 months of access to VisualDx for only $20, a $79 savings! Your access code and login instructions will be emailed to you after your purchase. Membership will be verified after you order. Order now!

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