Skill Demonstration Videos and Topics Pertaining to EM

Have you ever found yourself on a night shift, trying to remember the best technique to perform a procedure? Maybe you forgot it, maybe you’re not sure you learned it right the first time. We at EMRA feel the same way. Below is an EMRA Education Committee approved list of procedure videos. Beyond just a description of each procedure, these videos actually show you the proper and safe technique to keep your patient safe. They come from many different sources, and are all of high quality.

Enjoy and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!


EMRA Education Committee



  • US guided radial arterial catheter (NEJM)
  • Insertion of IOs (EM:RAP)
  • US guided PIV placement (NEJM)
  • US guided IJ cannulation (NEJM)
  • PIV cannulation (NEJM)
  • Central venous catheterization: subclavian (NEJM)
  • Placement of a femoral venous catheter (NEJM)
  • Placement of arterial line (EM:RAP)


Foreign Bodies

  • Removal of Foreign Bodies from the Ear and Nose (DR. MZM | Mellick)
  • Katz Extractor and Nasal Foreign Body Removal (Mellick)
  • Pencil Eraser Removal from Ear (Mellick)
  • Fish Hook Removal (Mellick)


  • Blakemore Tube Placement for Massive Upper GI Hemorrhage (EM:RAP)
  • G-tube exchange (EM:RAP)
  • Paracentesis (EM:RAP)
  • Minnesota Tube (SMACC)
  • NG tube insertion (Sacchetti)
  • Rectal prolaps reduction (EM:RAP)
  • Excision of thrombosed hemorrhoid (EM:RAP)


  • Suprapubic bladder aspiration (EM:RAP)
  • Urethral catheterization in girls (NEJM)
  • Female urethral catheterization (NEJM)
  • Pelvic Exam (NEJM)
  • Male urethral cauterization (NEJM)
  • Priapism - Intracavernous aspiration (Mellick)
  • Continuous bladder irrigation (Sacchetti)
  • IUD removal (ACOG)
  • Complicated IUD removal: strings not visible; part of IUD remains in uterus (ACOG)
  • Paraphimosis reduction (EM:RAP)
  • Bartholin abscess I&D (EM:RAP)


Peds - Parth

  • PICC placement in neonate (NEJM)
  • Procedural sedation and analgesia in children (PMP)
  • Neonatal circumcision (NEJM)
  • IO catheter placement in children (UNMC)
  • Tympanocentesis in children with AOM (NEJM)
  • Catheterization of urethra in male children (NEJM)
  • Umbilical vascular catheterization (PediaLink)
  • Lumbar Puncture in children (PediaLink)

MSK (Parth)

  • Reduction of pulled elbow (EM:RAP)
  • Repositioning dislocated TMJ (EM:RAP | EM:RAP)
  • Pelvic stabilization s/p trauma (EM:RAP)
  • Clinical eval of knee (Stanford)
  • Basic splinting (NEJM)
  • Arthrocentesis of knee (EM:RAP)
  • Arthrocentesis of wrist (EM:RAP)
  • Arthrocentesis of elbow (EM:RAP | EM:RAP)
  • Arthrocentesis of MTP (Mellick)
  • Thompson test to evaluate Achilles tendon injury (EM:RAP)
  • Humeral head fracture reduction (Mellick)
  • Inferioir Shoulder dislocation reduction (EM:RAP)
  • Anterior Shoulder dislocation reduction (EM:RAP)
  • Posterior Shoulder dislocation reduction (EM:RAP)
  • Ankle dislocation reduction (EM:RAP)
  • Boxer Fracture Reduction and splinting (Mellick)
  • Forearm fracture reduction and splinting (Mellick)
  • Open lower leg fracture reduction (Mellick)
  • Thumb dislocation reduction (Mellick)
  • Nursemaid’s elbow reduction (EM:RAP)
  • Wrist Fracture (Mellick)
  • Hip dislocation reduction (EM:RAP)
  • Trigger point injection (Mellick)
  • Distal radius fracture reduction & hematoma block (Mellick)
  • Dislocated toe reduction (Mellick)
  • Subacromial bursa injection (EM:RAP)


  • Calcium hydroxide for tooth fracture (EM:RAP)
  • Reimplantation of avulsed tooth (EM:RAP)
  • Dental splint (EM:RAP)





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