EMRA+PolicyRx Health Policy Journal Club

EMRA + PolicyRx Health Policy Journal Club   

     A collaboration between Policy Prescriptions and EMRA 


As emergency physicians, we care for all members of society, and as such have a unique vantage point on the state of health care. What we find frustrating in our EDs - such as inadequate social services, the dearth of primary care providers, and the lack of mental health services - are universal problems.

As emergency medicine residents and fellows, we learn the management of myocardial infarctions and traumas, and how to intubate, but we are not taught how health policy affects all aspects of our experience in the ED. Furthermore, given our unique position in the health care system, we have an incredible opportunity to advocate for our patients, for society, and for physicians. Yet, with so many competing interests vying for our conference education time, advocacy is often not included in the curricula.

This is the gap this initiative aims to fill. Each month, you will see a review of a new health policy article and how it is applicable to emergency physicians.


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Health Policy Journal Club Articles

December 2017
How Much Should Health Care Cost?
November 2017
The Front Lines of the Opioid Epidemic
October 2017
ED Visits Rise After Medicaid Expansion
September 2017
Sharing Is Caring
August 2017
Emergency Docs Have No Clue About Costs
July 2017
Striking a Balance Between Access and Cost
June 2017
"Everyone Else Ends Up Paying the Price"
May 2017
ACA Increased Emergency Department Use
April 2017
Access to Specialists Worse with Medicaid
March 2017
Time to Join the War Against High Drug Prices
February 2017
Better for Business: Freestanding EDs locate based on payer mix, not community need
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