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CDEM-Logo The Emergency Medicine Medical Student Clerkship Primer is a handbook written by many of the members of CDEM as a handbook for students to navigate and succeed in their Emergency Medicine rotation. Editor, David Wald.

"The focus of Emergency Medicine Clerkship Primer: A Manual for Medical Students is to assist medical students throughout their emergency medicine clerkship. Although the target audience for this manual is primarily junior and senior medical students, we believe that emergency medicine interns and off-service residents will benefit from the majority of the topics reviewed. Our goal is to produce a high-quality, professional guide that highlights the uniqueness of our specialty. This guide should provide the reader with a detail-oriented approach to thinking like an emergency physician, essentially a 'how to' manual."



The Colorado Compendium: An Article-Based Literature Review Program
Jeffrey Druck, MD, David Pearson, MD, MS and Jonathan Claud, MD, MBA
West J Emerg Med. 2009 February; 10(1): 21–22.

ABSTRACT: The immense body of knowledge that emergency medicine (EM) encompasses is constantly growing and ever changing. Textbooks build a strong foundation for the EM resident, but journal articles critical for modifying and improving EM practices are equally important for a well-rounded education. Determining which journal articles are vital to an EM residency education is a challenge. Lacking a formalized list of key articles available to EM residents and realizing that a list of articles without a guide may be difficult and confusing for novice readers, we created the “Colorado Compendium”: a recommended reading list, limited to 100 articles with accompanying summaries, tailored to emergency medicine residents.

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Download this episode about the changing landscape of student loan legislation. Posted October 2013.

Download this episode about about Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine (CDEM) and student education. Posted November 2013.

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