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Apply Smarter, Not Harder

August 15, 2019

In this episode Dr. Agboola and Dr. Jarou venture into the oftentimes convoluted task of applying to Emergency Medicine residency. They discuss common pitfalls and misconceptions, giving evidence-based advice on how to increase success in applying whether it be to a community or educational setting. This episode is primarily geared towards medical students applying as well as advisors for these individuals.


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EMRA Resident Transition : "ACEP Frontline" Talks With EMRA Board Members Dr. Erik Blutinger and Dr. Scott Pasichow

In today’s episode of "ACEP Frontline", Dr. Ryan Stanton talks with EMRA members Dr. Erik Blutinger and Dr. Scott Pasichow about starting a career in Emergency Medicine. Whether you are graduating med school and going into residency, moving from residency to attending or to a fellowship, even going from attending back into fellowship, transition can be unnerving. How does one actually prepare for the life in Emergency Medicine? Dr. Blutinger and Dr. Pasichow share their insights.

EMRA and CORD Student Advising Guide: An Evidence-Based Approach to Matching in EM

Published: April, 2019

Medical students are applying to twice as many residency programs as they were a decade ago – straining their time, their stamina, and their bank accounts. What does the data show to be effective for matching into emergency medicine? EMRA and the Council of Residency Directors in Emergency Medicine have broken it down for you. This book – free to all EMRA student members and also accessible online – will help you apply smarter, not harder.

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Your Roadmap to Residency

Charting Outcomes in the Match

The National Residency Match Program (NRMP) provides data, research, and survey reports.

  • Data reports contain statistical tables and graphs for a number of different data points.
  • Research reports analyzy trends and how applicant qualifications affect match success.
  • Survey reports present the results of selected items from the NRMP applicant survey.
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EM Advisor Blog

Adam Kellogg, MD and Lucienne Lutfy-Clayton, MD
Baystate Medical Center/Tufts University School of Medicine

This site is maintained by two associate EM residency program directors who have both formerly served as clerkship directors and currently serve on CORD's Medical Student Advising Task Force.

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CORD Medical Student Resources

Advising recommendations for general applicants to emergency medicine residency programs, as well as students from special populations, including osteopaths, IMGs, military students, re-applicants, couples matches, and more!

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Academic Life in Emergency Medicine: EM Match Advice

This series of Google Hangout videos, created and expertly facilitated by Dr. Michael Gisondi (@MikeGisondi) from Northwestern, features amazing panels of program directors from around the country, who have kindly volunteered their time to share their insights and expertise. In these videos, you get a sense of each panelist’s personalities while they provide behind-the-scenes advice and stories; a unique must-see for medical students interested in and applying into Emergency Medicine (EM). Keep a look out for more videos in the future!

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