Effective Consultation In Emergency Medicine

Consultation is a common form of communication in the emergency department in which the emergency provider seeks the assistance of another service in the care of the patient. As with other forms of communication, incorporating a structured model can help ensure information is exchanged accurately and efficiently to reduce the chance of medical error. This video features the 5Cs of Consultation as a validated model for standardizing communication and provides illustrative examples of effective consultation for both medical students and residents.

Effective Consultation in Emergency Medicine

"EMRA, CDEM, and CORD are excited to announce the release of a new educational video entitled "Effective Consultation in Emergency Medicine."  This video joins earlier productions on patient presentations and transitions of care to provide learners in emergency medicine with instruction on optimizing different forms of communication that take place in the emergency department.  Effective consultation reinforces the importance of structured communication and shares the 5Cs of Consultation as a validated model. Illustrative examples are provided for both medical students and residents. Enjoy the show!"