International Ambassador Mentorship Program

EMRA's Medical Student Council and the ACEP International Ambassador Section, have started a mentorship program matching EMRA’s student members with ACEP International Ambassador mentors.

The program program seeks to expose students to a network of emergency medicine physicians conducting global health work as well as provide valuable immersion into major topics within international emergency medicine. An effort will be made to match students with the Ambassador of one of the countries she/he is interested in, but the student should be willing to match with an Ambassador from a completely different country as multiple students may be interested in the same country or an Ambassador from a given country may not be available as a mentor.

The mentorship program lasts one year, from September to September.

Student requirements:

  • Attend a mandatory video conference orientation session in September 2020.
  • Participate in monthly online Global EM Journal Club.
  • Lead and present during one Global EM Journal Club.
  • Work on one Global EM project with her/his mentor. Projects can range from a small literature review on a global EM project to helping with global EM projects the mentor is working on.
  • Spend approximately 3 hours per week (averaged over the month) working on projects related to the ACEP Ambassador's country and/or projects related to the ACEP International Section. Tasks assigned to students can include literature searches, email outreach, database management, social media outreach, website development, project proposal and grant writing.

Although in the past years attendance to the ACEP Ambassador Conference during ACEP Scientific Assembly has been required, given the current COVID-19 events, this conference will not be a mandatory requirement this year. Nonetheless, all participants are strongly encouraged to attend ACEP20 in Dallas, Texas for a comprehensive and even more rewarding experience while in this program. If decided to attend, every mentee is responsible for her/his own travel and accommodations expenses.

Applications are due by June 30, 2020.