EMRA Student-Resident Mentorship Program

Welcome to EMRA's Student-Resident Mentorship Program. EMRA is pleased to offer guidance to our medical student members through the generosity of our residents.


In addition to attendings and advisors, medical students often seek out residents — who are closer in age and have completed the application process recently — for advice. Residents are in a unique position to answer questions about daily life, benefits and challenges of EM residency, and factors to consider when choosing our specialty. A student-resident mentorship can be a mutually beneficial relationship and can provide additional guidance for a person considering the field of emergency medicine.


Medical students at any level of training are encouraged to participate. Residents are asked to provide advice and help students decide if EM is a good fit by discussing the rewards and challenges of an EM residency, and offering a first-hand glimpse of what it is like to be an EM resident. Residents can provide encouragement, discuss what drew them to the specialty, explain different responsibilities, describe learning and leadership opportunities, and give advice on lifestyle issues from a resident perspective. Additionally, residents can direct students to the appropriate people or places for further career guidance. (Residents, read this article for more info about mentoring medical students.)


Please complete the appropriate application below. Be thorough; this will help us optimally match students and residents interested in the program. After submitting the form, you'll be contacted by e-mail to confirm your enrollment. Student-mentor pairs will be matched as quickly as possible, and we will use our best efforts to find you a match. Response time will vary based on number of applications to the mentorship program at any one time. Please note that the mentorship program is open only to EMRA members.

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