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April 2017 Newsletter

EM Presents Steady Voice Amid Shifting Health Care Policy

Rachel Solnick, MD (Director of Health Policy)

EMRA had an incredible turnout at this year's Leadership and Advocacy Conference in Washington, D.C. - we comprised 28% of those in attendance, with 135 residents and medical students! Luckily, because of the earlier-than-normal timing (LAC traditionally is held in May rather than March) we were present during a flurry (literal and figurative) of activity around health care reform with the now failed American Health Care Act. ACEP opposed the Act when last-ditch efforts to salvage votes brought amendments that took away essential health benefits (including coverage for emergency care). Despite the actual flurry (the "blizzard") that threatened to foil the visits to the Hill, many state chapters persevered and were able to meet with their legislators to discuss ACEP's health reform principles and medical liability reform.

EMRA's Health Policy Primer included updates on mental health issues, GME, ACA, and MACRA. If you missed it, check out the Intro to Health Policy slides. Attendees were also treated to a showstopping keynote by internet sensation ZDogg MD (aka Zubin Damania, MD), whose live rapping was an ode to bringing back the joy of medicine. Sen. Tim Kaine engaged in discussion on health care reform. Education sessions covered solutions to the opioid epidemic, updates on E-Qual quality improvement process, CEDR, Medicare, and balance billing. Residents also had the opportunity for leadership training through a small group breakfast, public speaking workshop, and panel discussions on diversity, wellness, and social media.

Next year's LAC will be moved back to May, so mark your calendars now for May 20-23, 2018! If you have any ideas in the interim of health policy educational or outreach activities please contact healthpolicydir@emra.org.


Committee and Division Spotlight: Pediatric EM Division

Megan Cobb, MD (Chair) and Alex Chang, DO (Vice-Chair)

What is the Pediatric EM Division?
There are a lot of eloquent statements that could be said, but simply, the mission of our division is to advance the interests, pursuits, training, and education of pediatric emergency medicine providers, community and academic, as well as provide resources for PEM education.

What are you up to?
What we're up to, well... we are continuing to look for ways to keep our members involved in EMRA and providing opportunities for authorship, collaborating with ACEP Pediatrics Section, and have ongoing projects to improve clinical resources for pediatric emergency medicine. We love to hear ideas and suggestions from our members or other interested clinicians on additional ways to reach our goals and audience.

Get involved with EMRA's Committees and Divisions! Join any Committee or Division anytime!


Membership Benefit Highlight: DRB Personal Loans for Physicians

Shehni Nadeem, MD (Membership Development Coordinator)

DRB has created a low interest rate, personal loan product that is just for physicians. You can use the loan for credit card consolidation, a vacation, home improvement, and more. As an EMRA member, you will receive a 0.50% rate reduction off your personal loan rate. DRB is an FDIC insured bank, which specializes in providing low rate loans to young physicians. The DRB Personal Loan can be used for any purpose and is designed specifically with residents in mind. If you are still in training, you only have to pay $25 per month toward the loan. Find more information!

Know of a benefit your co-residents would enjoy? Email your new membership benefit idea to membershipcoord@emra.org!


ACEP Section Connection: Sports Medicine

Nida F. Degesys, MD (ACEP Representative)

Spring sports seasons are gearing up, with summer hot on its heels. If you're seeing more sports injuries in your ED and you want to get plugged in to the latest developments, join the ACEP Sports Medicine Section! The group offers collaboration and networking, along with a Sports Medicine Virtual Mentorship Program and its Sports Medicine Core Curriculum Lecture Series.

Remember, as part of your EMRA membership you can join one ACEP Section for free (in addition to free membership in the Young Physicians Section)! EMRA members can join additional ACEP Sections at a discounted rate.


Wellness Tips & Tricks: Managing Your Finances

Leann Mainis, MD (Wellness Committee)

It is TAX SEASON! Money, in general, is stressful - and managing your money in residency can be challenging. Most of us don't have much detailed financial knowledge. Luckily, it is not impossible to figure out. Here are some basics:

  • Credit cards are great for accruing cash back or points for travel, but their interest rates are obscene! Many have interest rates more than 20% on the unpaid balance. Use them responsibly to maximize your rewards. Try to pay off your credit card bills every month; if that is not possible, pay as much as you can to get your debt down.
  • Investing during residency is usually not a priority, but it should be. Saving for retirement now can have big payouts later. Maximizing your employer-sponsored retirement plan or opening a Roth IRA (especially as a resident) can lead to a much larger nest egg when you're ready to retire.
  • Spending in moderation and budgeting can help you stay on track. Yes, there will always be some months when you need to spend more (like buying a new mattress or going on vacation) but spending within your means is very important. Apps and websites, like Mint (free), can help you set a budget and track all your finances.

EMRA (and the rest of the internet) has numerous resources to help manage your finances and makes managing your money less stressful. Mostly, it is important to start to think and to learn about your money. You can find a slew of resources from EMRA here.


Speaker's Report: Rep Council Meeting Is Moving to the Cloud

Tiffany Jackson, MD (Speaker)

The Representative Council meeting on May 18, in conjunction with the SAEM conference, will usher in some exciting changes. With the general resolution deadline now closed, the Council has 17 new resolutions for consideration that will shape EMRA and its stances within the specialty. Be on the lookout for the Representative Council Handbook that will be released soon, and discuss the resolutions with your colleagues.

The next Rep Council meeting will feature several innovative upgrades, including:
   • Remote viewing
   • Electronic cloud voting
   • A virtual Reference Committee

If you are an EMRA Program Rep, be sure to participate in our Rep Council pre-conference call, during which we will review and practice the new technology. (If you have questions, please email vicespeaker@emra.org.) There are several leadership and volunteer opportunities open for EMRA members who want to participate in the conference committees. Please spread the word!


Medical Student Council: Match 2017 Breaks Records

Morgan Bobb, MS-III (Medical Student Council)

Last month, graduating medical students discovered where they would begin residencies in the largest Main Residency Match in the history of the National Resident Matching Program. In emergency medicine, 2,041 applicants matched into PGY-1 positions. Overall, 99.7% of emergency medicine residency positions were filled — 78.2% by U.S. seniors. With 152 more first-year positions available this year than last year, the specialty's trending growth continued. Rumblings of increasing applications also were confirmed, as on average, EM applicants submitted a record 49.2 applications (up from 44.7 average applications per person in 2016). If you're continuing in medical school, take advantage of EMRA Hangouts, newsletters, and resources to help navigate medical school and the residency process. To all our student members who have secured a spot to become a future EM physician, congratulations on matching, and we hope you stay in touch with EMRA as a resident!


Tricks AND Treats! Apply for EMRA's 20 in 6 Resident Lecture Competition

EMRA's 20 in 6 Resident Lecture Competition happens on Halloween this year, in conjunction with ACEP17 in Washington, D.C. This fascinating competition, sponsored by HippoEM, features the best and brightest residents, each given exactly 6 minutes to present a lecture with exactly 20 slides.

Apply by June 15! Get the details and get your submission ready.


Health Policy Journal Club: Medicaid Access

This month the EMRA + PolicyRx Health Policy Journal Club examines Medicaid patients' accessibility to health care, especially for specialists. Check out the posting here. If you would like to participate in the Health Policy Journal Club, please email the EMRA Health Policy Committee at healthpolicyctte@emra.org or contact Vidya Eswaran, MD, at vidya.eswaran@gmail.com.


Showdown - and a Special Guest - at the Quiz Show

After your meetings and before dinner on Wednesday, May 17, where's the best place to be? The EMRA Quiz Show, sponsored by Rosh Review! Here's what we guarantee:
   • 12 programs competing for bragging rights
   • A special guest appearance by an EM doc you should get to know
   • Tough medical conundrums

Although we can't guarantee this, we know from past experience there will be a little dancing, a lot of popcorn throwing, hisses, cheers, and noise galore. Can you think of a better way to have fun at a serious medical conference? Join us for the EMRA Quiz Show. Check out the competitors here! The event takes place Wednesday, May 17, 5-7 p.m.


Encounter Medical Mysteries at EMRA Resident SIMWars

Sometimes things are not what they seem – and you can bet they NEVER are at the EMRA Resident SIMWars, where medical mysteries are presented in an intriguing way. It’s a high-fidelity simulation competition between 8 teams of tough, smart residents anxious to show their medical chops in front of a live audience. Watch them strut their stuff Friday, May 19, from Noon-5 p.m. Even if you can't stay for the whole event, come see a case or two – you'll be glad you did! Want to know who's playing?


New This Year! RSO Advanced Airway Shootout presented by EMRA

Ready to demonstrate their airway skills, 8 teams have stepped up to the plate for this brand-new event – and we hope they're ready for some curveballs. It's not just about skill; it's also about speed and adaptability. Come watch this competition of a critical skill! Join us Thursday, May 18, from 2-4 p.m. Who's competing?


Publishing Opportunities: Urgent Matters

Urgent Matters is an organization run by Jesse Pines, MD, MBA, in George Washington's Center for Healthcare Innovation and Policy Research aimed at investigating and spreading best practices for ED quality. EMRA is a member of the Urgent Matters Board. They are looking for 3-4 interested residents who will be part of an editorial group for developing an educational newsletter or curated page on the Urgent Matters website of the latest trends, research, and updates in emergency medicine research, practice, and policy. If you would like to be considered for this position, please email gwccarter@email.gwu.edu.

Urgent Matters is also seeking authors for its blog. Posts are usually 2-3 paragraphs and include information on the latest research and trending topics in emergency medicine. If you would like to become a published author at Urgent Matters, please email gwccarter@email.gwu.edu.


Upcoming Events

Chief Resident Symposium @ CORD Academic Assembly: April 27
CORD Academic Assembly: April 27-30, Fort Lauderdale, FL
ABEM Spring Oral Certification Exam: April 29-May 2
Essentials of Emergency Medicine: May 16-18, Las Vegas, NV
SAEM Annual Meeting: May 16-19, Orlando, FL
ABEM/NAM Fellowship Nomination Deadline: May 22
20 in 6 Application Deadline: June 15
ABEM Fall Oral Certification Exam: Oct. 14-17
EMRA Events @ ACEP Scientific Assembly: Oct. 26-Nov. 1, Washington, D.C.
ABEM Qualifying Exam: Nov. 6-11
EMRA Hangouts: First Thursday of every month
EMRA•Cast: Listen at your convenience


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