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July 2017 Newsletter

How to Not Suck at Signouts

Zach Jarou, MD (President-Elect)

CDEM, EMRA, CORD, and SAEM are pleased to announce the release of a new instructional video titled "Transitions of Care." Featuring the I-PASS mnemonic as a structured-communication tool, this video provides information on how to make patient handoffs between emergency department providers safer and more effective. Intended audiences include medical students, residents, and faculty.

We hope you find the video informative and helpful! For another useful video (brought to you by the same collaborators), see "Patient Presentations in Emergency Medicine."


Have You Completed Your Standardized Video Interview?

As you know, academic Emergency Medicine is partnering with the Association of American Colleges (AAMC) to assess the use of the Standardized Video Interview in the residency application and selection process. The video interview is required for all EM applicants and must be completed by 11:59 pm ET on July 31. So far, almost 2,500 ERAS® applicants have indicated interest in emergency medicine and have received an invitation to complete the interview. AAMC encourages all applicants to complete the interview as soon as possible. Applicants who have already completed the SVI have said it was "very easy to use, easy to access and not time-consuming" and that "the system was very user-friendly and gave ample time to prepare for and answer questions." The EMRA Medical Student Council has compiled a handy list of resources to help you prepare for your SVI today.


Committee and Division Spotlight: Awards Committee - Last Chance to Nominate!

The EMRA Awards Committee can't wait to give away travel scholarships, merit awards, and the association's most prestigious honors. Deadline for the Fall Awards cycle is July 15 - so nominate now! The committee will name recipients in 22 categories, ranging from valuable educational grants to heartfelt awards that recognize outstanding contributions to the specialty. This is your chance to shine!

Get involved with EMRA's Committees and Divisions! Join any Committee or Division anytime!


Membership Benefit Highlight: Doctors Without Quarters

Shehni Nadeem, MD (Membership Development Coordinator)

As the student loan marketplace continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it's imperative to stay up to speed on ways to maximize your savings and manage your debt. EMRA Benefits Partner Doctors Without Quarters can help! DWOQ has prepared a video summarizing the critical student loan considerations for today's transitioning Housestaff. If you've signed a contract with a for-profit practice and will no longer qualify for forgiveness, act now to take advantage of short-term payment deferments (up to 6 months) available to Housestaff.

Not sure what's best for you? EMRA members receive a FREE refinancing suitability analysis.

Know of a benefit your co-residents would enjoy? Email your new membership benefit idea to membershipcoord@emra.org!


ACEP Section Connection: Medical Humanities Seeks Creative Arts Award Entries

Nida F. Degesys, MD (ACEP Representative)

The ACEP Section of Medical Humanities is calling for entries to its annual Writing and Visual Arts Awards program! The Writing Award is for creative works published in print or online between November 2016 and August 2017. Self-nominations and nominations of someone else's writing are both welcome. Nominations are limited to 2 pieces per person. The Visual Arts Award is an opportunity for artists to show off their paintings, photography, sculpture, textiles, pottery, and other works. Submit a digital image of the visual art for consideration. Nominations are limited to 2 pieces per person. Submissions for both awards are accepted from any member of ACEP. Submissions will be voted on by the members of the Section of Medical Humanities. Email nominations to Tracy Napper (tnapper@acep.org) before Sept. 1.

Remember, as part of your EMRA membership you can join one ACEP Section for free (in addition to free membership in the Young Physicians Section)! EMRA members can join additional ACEP Sections at a discounted rate.


Wellness Tips & Tricks: (W)interns Are Here

Taryn Webb, MD (EMRA Wellness Committee)

July is here and new interns are rushing the hospital like a herd of white-walkers — eager to throw on their fresh white coats, sling a stethoscope over their shoulders, and march into the hospital flashing their shiny "MD" badges. But, dear Intern, those feelings of excitement may suddenly vanish into the thin air of a chaotic ED. The nurse needs stat labs ordered for the GI bleeder in bed 6, the family of the patient in bed 11 wants the results of the CT scan, and "Doctor! This patient is seizing!" Meanwhile, you have yet to find the bathroom, but it's not like you have time to use it anyway... you still have 5 charts to finish! But wait! Before you find that bathroom to let out a good cry, take a deep breath and remember:

  • You are not alone. Help is only a few steps away in the form of a senior resident or attending; don't be afraid to ask!
  • Take a few minutes to eat something. The ED won't benefit if you're the next hypoglycemic patient in triage.
  • Don't send yourself into AKI — find that bathroom!
  • Be friendly to your nurses, techs, and all ancillary staff. They are often your best resource, and will save you on a daily basis.
  • Lastly, in all the chaos, try to connect with at least one patient per shift — remind yourself why you went into this field in the first place.

Reminder: To those of us who are a little more seasoned but remember these overwhelming feelings a little too well, help your newbies out. Encourage them to follow these tips and your ED will be a much happier place for all!


Medical Student News: Get the Most Out of EMRA Match

Morgan Bobb, MS-II (Medical Student Council)

Whether you're in the midst of residency applications or just beginning to learn about EM residencies, EMRA Match was designed for you to sort, organize, and learn about any of the 236 emergency medicine residencies. To save, favorite, and download a spreadsheet of programs, an EMRA membership is required. As a student, you can renew your EMRA membership for a discounted price of $99 for 2 years ($11 savings over the 1-year renewal price of $55/year).


MedWAR Lottery Clock Is Ticking

Are you ready to face the great unknown while racing in the second EMRA MedWAR? Join us in Seneca Creek State Park on Nov. 1 and see if your team has what it takes!

Medical wilderness adventure racing combines a love of the outdoors with a passion for medicine – and a healthy dose of competition. Sign up by July 15 for a chance to compete! Want to volunteer? We'd love your help!


Need $50K for Research? Up to 4 Grants Available

The Emergency Medicine Foundation (EMF) is partnering with GE Healthcare to fund research that identifies innovative applications of ultrasound imaging in the care of patients in shock and/or new developments in the use of ventilator technology in emergency medicine. Up to four $50,000 awards (plus equipment) will be funded, plus an opportunity (through social media) for one of the four grantees to secure an extra $150,000 in funds to expand their research scope. Deadline is Aug. 31. Please share this research opportunity with your colleagues and encourage applications. Apply today.


Last Call for CORD Committee Resident Applicants

Applications to join a CORD committee are due July 15! Joining a committee is simple: just log in to your account via cordem.org and select the "Committees/Academy" menu item to see the options. Residents submitting applications must be member representatives of CORD and should submit:

  • Application form
  • Letter of Interest (written by the applicant)
  • CV
  • Letter of Support from applicant's Program Director

Residents may serve on only 1 committee, but they can apply for up to 3 committees. Applications are due July 15. Residents will be informed of selections by Aug. 11.


ACEP Action Alert: Vote No on BCRA

The Senate draft bill for health reform, "Better Care Reconciliation Act" (BCRA) would lead to 22 million more uninsured Americans in 10 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office. In addition to other changes to the health care system that contradict ACEP health care reform principles as well as EMRA principles, it specifically erodes insurance coverage for essential health benefits, which threatens access to emergency care services. Join ACEP's Action Alert to tell your Senators to "Vote No on BCRA."


NYU Defends Their Title at Resident SIMWars

Who has the medical chops to compete against them at ACEP17 in Washington, D.C.? This event is so popular, we have a lottery to choose the 6 competitors!

This year, use the handy sign-up form to register your program. Deadline is Aug. 11, so don't delay. We guarantee the cases will be tough, the teams will be just as tough, and everybody will be out to win! The live audience and real-time tweeting make it fun (and often hilarious). Not participating? Then, you should be in the audience on Monday, Oct. 30 — we guarantee a great time!


Health Policy Journal Club: Striking a Balance Between Access and Cost

This month the EMRA + PolicyRx Health Policy Journal Club discusses freestanding emergency departments in its latest article. Check out the journal club posting now. If you would like to participate in the Health Policy Journal Club, please email the EMRA Health Policy Committee at healthpolicyctte@emra.org or contact Vidya Eswaran, MD, at vidya.eswaran@gmail.com.


$10K Awards Available for Patient Care Ideas

The ACGME Council of Review Committee Residents has launched its Back to Bedside initiative to empower residents to fight burnout and improve patient care by returning learning to the bedside – and they're backing it up with significant funding. Apply by Aug. 5 for a chance to earn up to $10,000 per year, renewable for 2 years, to fund a trainee-led project that will lead to more time engaged in direct, meaningful patient care. Build your application with these guidelines.


Award and Publishing Opportunities: Urgent Matters

Urgent Matters is seeking applications for its 2017 Emergency Care Innovation of the Year Award, which highlights team-based approaches that deliver excellence in medical care, excellence in service, and sustainable strategies for EM practices. Submissions are due July 31. Urgent Matters is also looking for contributors for their blog and upcoming newsletter. The blogs are 2-3 paragraph features on innovations in emergency medicine. The Urgent Matters newsletter will serve as a quick overview for trending topics in EM. Please contact Caitlin Carter (gwccarter@email.gwu.edu) if you would like to contribute.


Upcoming Events

July 15: EMRA Fall Awards Applications Due
July 15: MedWAR Team Entries Due
July 15: CORD Committee Applications Due
July 31: AAMC Standard Video Interview Due
July 31: Emergency Care Innovation of the Year Applications Due
Aug. 5: EM Resident Articles Due
Aug. 5: ACGME Back to Bedside Applications Due
Aug 11: SIMWars Call for Teams Due
Aug. 31: EMF/GE Healthcare Grant Applications Due
Sept. 1: Section of Medical Humanities Writing and Visual Awards Entries Due
Sept. 15: NRMP Main Residency Match Registration Opens
Oct. 14-17: ABEM Fall Oral Certification Exam
Oct. 26-Nov. 1: EMRA Events @ ACEP Scientific Assembly, Washington, D.C.
Nov. 6-11: ABEM Qualifying Exam
EMRA Hangout: First Thursday of every month
EMRA-Cast: Listen at your convenience


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