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June 2017 Newsletter

EMRA Match: The Most Powerful Tool for Residency Applicants

Zach Jarou, MD (President-Elect)

Medical Students! ERAS opened on June 6, and - in addition to figuring out how to master the Standardized Video Interview pilot by July 31 - you've got until Sept. 6 to pick the programs where you want to apply.

Use EMRA Match, the interactive residency directory developed with students in mind, that lets you filter by 19 different program attributes, save lists of favorites and notes on each program, and more! Learn more about its many features in this post from the CORD Blog. And if you find any missing or erroneous information during the interview season, be sure to submit updated information to help your colleagues!


Catch Us at CORD

Starting in 2018, EMRA's Spring Meeting will be held in conjunction with the CORD Academic Assembly, rather than at the SAEM Annual Meeting. Join us April 22-25, 2018, in San Antonio! The EMRA Rep Council Meeting, Committee & Division training, EMRA Quiz Show, Spring Awards Ceremony, and more will be offered at CORD Academic Assembly. This move will deepen session content that has recently been added to the CORD conference in the resident track and chief resident symposium. Plus, it gives EMRA members a chance to more effectively engage with those in our EM community most directly involved in residency training. Mark your calendars now for CORD Academic Assembly 2018!


Committee and Division Spotlight: Pick Your Favorites!

After meeting at SAEM, all 17 EMRA Committees and Divisions are launching initiatives this year that will set them apart as leaders in the specialty. Want to join this motivated, bright sector of residents? It's easy! Choose your interests, sign up as a C&D member, and contribute!

Get involved with EMRA's Committees and Divisions! Join any Committee or Division anytime!


Membership Benefit Highlight: EMedHome

Shehni Nadeem, MD (Membership Development Coordinator)

EMRA resident and student members, listen up! You have FREE access to EMedHome, one of the leading education programs in emergency medicine - and you can choose your favorite learning modality, from online lectures to podcasts to clinical pearls, mobile articles, and more. Alumni members, you get a 15% discount when you subscribe, giving you the chance to earn hundreds of CME credits and access to state-of-the-art medication education at a significant savings.

Know of a benefit your co-residents would enjoy? Email your new membership benefit idea to membershipcoord@emra.org!


ACEP Section Connection: Social Emergency Medicine - brand-new Section!

Nida F. Degesys, MD (ACEP Representative)

Approved by the ACEP Board in April, the brand-new Section on Social Emergency Medicine works to incorporate social determinants of health and the social context of patients' lives into patient care in the ED and beyond. Get in on the ground floor and help change medicine for the better!

Remember, as part of your EMRA membership you can join one ACEP Section for free (in addition to free membership in the Young Physicians Section)! EMRA members can join additional ACEP Sections at a discounted rate.


Wellness Tips & Tricks: Hot-Headed in the Summer? How to Deal with the Troublesome Consult

Jayram Pai, MD (EMRA Wellness Committee)

With winter behind us and the weather warming up, cooler heads may not prevail, and you might find yourself dealing with some fiery consults. Do you feel strongly in disagreeing with their recommendations? Does their advice seem like a diversion, or seem to put the patient through unnecessary steps for treatment? Don't fight fire with fire; a diplomatic approach is often best. Respectfully ask them to explain their logic to you; why that scan particularly, why that lab test, etc. If you still feel firmly about your dissent, what next? Go to their own literature to find out what their most trusted journals recommend. Don't use this as an attempt to throw it in their face. Instead, ask what about this case requires a different approach. And last, but by no means least, rely on the time-trusted phrase: "This is going to be an attending-to-attending discussion." Stay cool out there! (For insight on consults, check out EM Resident's feature with tips from other specialties.)


Vice-Speaker's Report: Spring Meeting Recap

Scott Pasichow, MD, MPH (Vice-Speaker)

Sunny Orlando, Florida, was a great home for SAEM17, and the EMRA Representative Council took full advantage of the great weather to put in some great work. We passed 17 resolutions, many of which came from the EMRA Health Policy Task Force. We had a productive discussion about the supervision of mid-level providers in the ED, showing that opinions on this topic are continuing to evolve.

We also used our new online voting system, along with Zoom Meetings for online viewing of the meeting for the first time. We resolved many of the startup kinks and expect smoothly running technology at ACEP17 - which will be here before you know it. If you want to help set EMRA's direction for the future, write a resolution for consideration at ACEP17! We hope to see all of you there! In the meantime, check out this gallery from SAEM17, and download photos for free at the EMRA SmugMug page.


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Compete in the Wilds of Medicine

Are you ready to face the great unknown while racing in the second EMRA MedWAR? Join us in Seneca Creek State Park on Nov. 1 and see if your team has what it takes!

Medical wilderness adventure racing combines a love of the outdoors with a passion for medicine – and a healthy dose of competition. Sign up by July 15 for a chance to compete! Want to volunteer? We'd love your help!


Tips on the AAMC Standardized Video Interview

Morgan Bobb, MS-II (Medical Student Council)

More than 300 students discussed the AAMC Standardized Video Interview (SVI) during our June EMRA Hangout. If you missed "The SVI & ERAS," our largest Hangout yet, it can be viewed anytime on the EMRA website. Listen in to get answers to your questions about this new component of the EM residency application! (Tune in to EMRA Hangouts the first Thursday of every month, or listen to all the recorded EMRA Hangouts here.)


Are You Interested in a Military Match?

We are hosting not just one but two EMRA Hangouts in June to help shed light on the Military Match. Join us at 7 pm Central on June 21 as Major Roderick W. Fontenette, MD, FACEP, explains how the U.S. Air Force chooses its emergency medicine residents. Then, tune in at 7 pm Central on June 23 for tips from Commander John J. Devlin, MD, Lt. Commander Daphne P. Morrison Ponce, MD, FAAEM, and Dylan Arnold, MD, on matching into the U.S. Navy's emergency medicine programs.


Final Chance to Apply for EMRA's 20 in 6 Resident Lecture Competition

You only have until June 15 to apply for EMRA's 20 in 6 Resident Lecture Competition - stop procrastinating! The event happens on Halloween this year, in conjunction with ACEP17 in Washington, D.C. Sponsored by HippoEM, this competition features the best and brightest residents, each given exactly 6 minutes to present a lecture with exactly 20 slides. Apply by June 15!


Have a Great Idea for Patient Care? Get It Funded!

The ACGME Council of Review Committee Residents has launched its Back to Bedside initiative to empower residents to fight burnout and improve patient care by returning learning to the bedside – and they're backing it up with significant funding. Apply by Aug. 5 for a chance to earn up to $10,000 per year, renewable for 2 years, to fund a trainee-led project that will lead to more time engaged in direct, meaningful patient care. Build your application with these guidelines.


Health Policy Journal Club: Who Bears the Cost of the Uninsured?

This month the EMRA + PolicyRx Health Policy Journal Club evaluates the oft-debated question of who bears the cost of patients who have no health insurance. Check out the journal club posting now. If you would like to participate in the Health Policy Journal Club, please email the EMRA Health Policy Committee at healthpolicyctte@emra.org or contact Vidya Eswaran, MD, at vidya.eswaran@gmail.com.


Swim with the Sharks at incubatED

ACEP is excited to bring incubatED to innovatED – our interactive, award-winning educational feature in the ACEP17 Exhibit Hall. incubatED will be a special section within the innovatED space specifically designed to showcase incubator and/or early-stage health care products. Additionally, this year, we will hold a special pitch event - a "Shark Tank" like event especially for select incubatED participants to pitch their product to angel investors and venture capitalists. Make plans now to take part! Criteria for eligibility include:

  • Must be in a pre-revenue stage
  • Large-scale distribution must not be established
  • Must be in the pre-FDA approval/clearance stage or be newly approved by the FDA
  • Some level of intellectual property must be established
  • Must have a physician/clinician advisor or recommender

Apply by June 30! Get details here.


Upcoming Events

20 in 6 Application Deadline: June 15
incubatED Applications Due: June 30
EMRA Fall Awards Applications Due: July 15
AAMC Standardized Video Interview Deadline: July 31
EM Resident Magazine Articles Due: Aug. 5
ACGME Back to Bedside Applications Due: Aug. 5
NRMP Main Residency Match Registration Opens: Sept. 15
ABEM Fall Oral Certification Exam: Oct. 14-17
EMRA Events @ ACEP Scientific Assembly: Oct. 26-Nov. 1, Washington, D.C.
ABEM Qualifying Exam: Nov. 6-11
EMRA Hangouts: First Thursday of every month
EMRA•Cast: Listen at your convenience


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