Response, Preparedness, and Mitigation: Counterterrorism Medicine

Response, Preparedness, and Mitigation: Counterterrorism Medicine

Aug. 15, 2022



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Kim Bambach, MD

Medical Education Fellow
Interim Assistant Director of the Kiehl Wellness Endowment
The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
Twitter: @kimbambach
EMRA*Cast Episodes


Derrick Tin, MBBS

Senior Fellow in Disaster and Counter-Terrorism Medicine, BIDMC and Harvard Medical School (2022)
Associate Professor of Critical Care, University of Melbourne
EMRA 25 Under 45 Honoree


Sriram Venkatesan, FAWM

Sri Ramachandra Medical College & Research Institute/University of Colorado-Denver Class of 2023
2022-2023 EMRA Prehospital & Disaster Med Committee Vice-Chair
2022-2023 EMRA Rep to the ACEP Tactical EM Section

Disaster medicine has long focused on how to prepare for mass casualty incidents - but there are special considerations for emergency physicians to take into account in the case of terror attacks. In this episode, host Kim Bambach, MD, and Sriram Venkatesan, FAWM, discuss the niche of counterterrorism medicine with Derrick Tin, MBBS, senior fellow in Disaster and Counterterrorism Medicine at BIDMC/Harvard Medical School.

Are you interested in disaster or tactical medicine? In this episode we'll explore the emerging field of counterterrorism medicine with Dr. Derrick Tin, a senior fellow in Disaster and Counter-Terrorism Medicine. We'll discuss what counterterrorism medicine is and how to get involved.

Key Points

  • Counterterrorism medicine is the health care impact of intentional man-made attacks.
  • Counterterrorism medicine centers not only on the boots-on-the-ground response but also on preparedness and mitigation when a terrorist attack occurs. Ask yourself: What can my ED do to prepare for an attack?
  • Within this subspecialty, there are frequent collaborations with criminologists, intelligence agencies, as well as the fields of humanitarianism and refugee medicine.
  • How can you get involved? This new subspecialty has many opportunities including research and joining international organizations. You can reach out to Dr. Tin if you are interested as well.

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