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EMRA’s goal is to be there for you on every shift, and we’re making it even easier with MobilEM. This powerful app features all of EMRA's most high-yield on-shift guidance, from the vaunted EMRA Antibiotic Guide to our newest module with tips for difficult conversations.

A couple of key points about MobilEM:

  • The search is universal, so you’re going to see guidance from all our various resources.
  • Double-tapping a page creates a bookmark on that page, for faster access.
  • Double-tapping the yellow "notes" section on a bookmark allows you to embed your own notes (eg, local antibiogram info or hospital-specific protocols). 
  • It updates continually without asking you to download a new version from the app store. 
  • It does not require Internet connection at all times. It caches the latest version, and when you’re connected to the internet and open it, then it simply swaps out new content without you needing to take any action.

Get free content, subscribe a la carte, or take advantage of the All-Access Pass, which unlocks all current and future content.

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EMRA Antibiotic Guide, 19th Ed.

Published: December, 2020

Subscribe to the standalone EMRA Antibiotic Guide for iOS or Android and never worry again about having immediate access to the latest developments in the world of antibiotics – with no effort on your part. The app will update automatically for the duration of your subscription. Virtually every type of infectious disease is covered for outpatient management and for patients needing admission. The app features everything you love about EMRA's printed guide, but with the ability to search.

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EMRA Peds Meds

There are a lot of Pediatric Dosage calculators for the iPhone. EMRA Peds Meds is the only one that lets you edit, create, and organize medications to reflect your clinical practice and institutional standards. Other features include accurate weight for age estimation based upon CDC data, the ability to share your customized formulary with colleagues, students and friends, in-app video tutorials, and useful quick reference information such as normal vitals and ETT sizes for age.

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EMRA PressorDex

This app, based on the 2015 edition, offers a comprehensive therapeutic guide to the myriad of pressors, vasoactive drugs, continuous infusions, and other medications needed to treat the critically ill patient. Written by emergency medicine physicians for emergency medicine physicians, this indispensable app gives you concise tools for choosing the right medication and dosing regimen every time, even during the busiest of shifts.

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