Alicia Lu, MD

Alicia Lu, MD

Emergency Medicine Residency Class of 2022
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

The COVID pandemic evoked an outpouring of support – which Alicia Lu has harnessed to help health care workers long-term. As co-founder of Frontline Suits, Dr. Lu led efforts to donate 2,000 reusable coveralls and 1,000 face shields for frontline workers this year. At the same time, she is completing the Copello fellowship with Doctors for America, Physicians for Criminal Justice Reform, building on her background of advocating for vulnerable populations.

Kito Lord, MD, MBA

Mizuho M. Morrison, DO

More than 200 applications were reviewed by the selection committee, comprising Chair Omar Maniya, MD, MBA, with Hannah Hughes, MD, MBA; RJ Sontag, MD; Venkat Subramanyam, MD; Erik Blutinger, MD, MSc; Sophia Spadafore, MD; Karina Sanchez, MD; and Jazmyn Shaw, MS-IV. The selection committee was blinded to EMRA and/or ACEP membership status. Care was taken to ensure both a diverse applicant pool and awardee group. For any questions, contact us at

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