EMRA 25 Under 45 Honorees


EMRA 25 Under 45

In 2019, in celebration of our 45th Anniversary, EMRA launched its 45 Under 45 campaign to recognize young emergency medicine physicians who are changing the world. This effort connected with our specialty in a meaningful way -- so much so, we continue this effort with our 25 Under 45 campaign.

We are excited to introduce you to these outstanding young physicians whose contributions embody the spirit of the specialty. We can’t wait to experience the world they will bring us!

Check out the 25 Under 45 honorees

Ashely Alker, MD, MSc

Jacob Avila, MD

Jennifer Beck-Esmay, MD

Jordan Celeste, MD

Keegan Checkett, MD, MSc

Sandra Coker, MD

Ross I. Donaldson, MD, MPH, CTropMed, FACEP

Mohamed Hagahmed, MD

Kathryn Hawk, MD, MHS

Shuhan He, MD

Dennis Hsieh, MD, JD

Zachary J. Jarou, MD, MBA

Aditi U. Joshi, MD, MSc, FACEP


Michelle D. Lall, MD, MHS, FACEP

Adaira Landry, MD, MEd

Brit Jeffrey Long, MD, FACEP

Kito Lord, MD, MBA

Alicia Lu, MD

Mizuho M. Morrison, DO

Kari Sampsel, MD, MSc, FRCPC, DipForSci

Theresa Q. Tran, MD, MBA, FACEP

Jordan M. Warchol, MD, MPH

Lauren Westafer, DO, MPH, MS

George Willis, MD