Angela G. Cai, MD, MBA

King's County Hospital | SUNY Downstate - Brooklyn, NY


My name is Angela Cai, and I am excited to earn your vote for President-Elect. I am a fourth-year resident at SUNY Downstate/Kings County in Brooklyn.

I firmly believe that physicians must shape the system in which they practice. Being your Director of Health Policy for the last 2 years has shown me how powerful we are speaking and working with one voice, as 16,000+ members of EMRA. I am running for President because EMRA is the most impactful platform to shape our collective futures as trainees.

My tenure on the EMRA board has prepared me to be your President and spokesperson. While representing EMRA to senior policy leaders, I learned the issues and how to advocate our positions with poise and tact. EMRA has a broad mission - encompassing education, leadership, and policy - sometimes necessitating difficult trade-offs. I bring insight on how to strategically prioritize our agenda according to what is important to members and where EMRA can make the most impact.

Uncertainty over the next 3 years is guaranteed, but EM leads and adapts. I am prepared and committed to amplify your voice as EM trainees in stewardship of our future practice. Thank you for your vote.

Nicholas P. Cozzi, MD, MBA

Spectrum Health | MSU College of Medicine - Grand Rapids, MI

Nicholas Cozzi

As an MBA trained Chief Resident of the Spectrum Health/Michigan State University EM Residency, I possess a perspective cultivated from a number of experiences in a variety of settings. As a former Secret Service Intern, I learned the agency’s motto “Worthy of Trust and Confidence” was not a slogan but a way I wanted to live my life. It is incumbent upon our next President-Elect to continue building relationships to champion broad recognition of our distinct training, unify our speciality, and cultivate tomorrow’s emergency medicine leaders. As the Chair-Elect of the Administration and Operations Committee, I have worked to build such partnerships with EDPMA and SAEM. We executed the 2020 EMRA SAEM Cocktail Hour with EM Chairs. I also serve as EMRA's representative to ACEP’s EM Practice Committee. Through a broad coalition, we helped successfully advocate for current and future trainees by firmly upholding the principle that the safest care for patients requires contemporaneous supervision by emergency physicians.

If elected, I am committed to earning your trust and confidence as I advocate for your priorities and the training, rights, and future of the next generation of EMRA.

Erin R. Karl, MD

University of Nebraska Medical Center - Omaha, NB

View Erin's CV

First and foremost, I am running for EMRA President-Elect because I am constantly inspired by you - my EMRA family.

After serving as an EMRA leader for the past FIVE years, both on committees and on the EMRA Board of Directors, I have the experience and passion needed to excel as your next EMRA President-Elect. Likewise, during my time as an EMRA representative to several working groups and committees, I have built relationships with leaders from other powerhouses in organized medicine, including ACEP, CORD, AAEM, SAEM, CDEM, the AMA, and the AAMC. I will continue to use these connections to fiercely advocate for you all, as your next EMRA President-Elect.

As my program’s delegate to EMRA’s Representative Council for the past two years, I want to further the amazing discussions and progress we have made each year at RepCo. I am passionate about advocating for equitable pay for EM residents, completing emergency medicine residency as the only road to independently practicing emergency medicine, increasing the diversity, equity, and inclusion within our specialty, and most importantly amplifying all of YOUR voices.

I will continue to be a fierce advocate for you all, as your next EMRA President-Elect!

President Elect

The first year of this three year term is the President-Elect year as described in the table below.

The second year is spent as President, responsible for all interactions with other groups inside and outside EM and the official voice of EMRA.  The President also presides over all association meetings except those of the Representative Council and its committees.

The third year is spent as the Immediate Past President (IPP) & Treasurer, providing continuity and historical background to the Board as an advisor and peer mentor to its members.  The IPP also serves as: chair of EMRA’s Finance and Awards Committees; liaison to the Council Credentials and Tellers Committee; member of the Emergency Medicine Foundation Board of Trustees; Ex Officio member of the Emergency Department Practice Management Association board of directors; member of the ACEP Finance Committee.

Election Annually
Term 3 years (President Elect, President, Immediate Past President)
Requirements It is strongly recommended that candidates for President Elect have prior leadership experience within EMRA.
  • Essentially functions as the Vice President in EMRA’s Executive Council, training for your year as President where you will then function as the Chairman of the Board and the official voice of the organization
  • Ensure fiduciary integrity and accountability of EMRA’s actions
  • Serve as editor of EMRA’s monthly newsletter, What’s Up in EM
  • Oversee EMRA representatives to external organizations 
  • Manage and oversee EMRA Reps to the ACEP Sections
  • Appoint Medical Student Council members with assistance from the MSC Chair and EMRA’s Director of Education
  • General responsibilities as a voting member of the Board of Directors (misc projects, monthly board meetings, write for EM Resident magazine)
  • Represent EMRA members at ACEP Council

Extensive (average 4-7 days per month)
Includes such meetings/conferences as:

  • Monthly EMRA Board of Directors meeting (virtual attendance)
  • ACEP Scientific Assembly (Oct)
  • ACEP Board of Directors’ Retreat (Dec)
  • EMRA Board of Directors’ Retreat (Jan)
  • ACEP Media Training (Dec)
  • ABEM Site Visit (every 2 years)
  • CORD Academic Assembly (March/April)
  • Leadership & Advocacy Conference (May)
  • SAEM Annual Meeting (May)
  • ACEP/EMF Corporate Council Meeting (July)

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