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ACEP Scientific Assembly is the premier EM Conference in the nation. Registering in advance enables you to enroll in the courses that you’re interested in before all seats are taken and the class is closed.

Plus, signing up for ACEP19 before July 12 gets you a hefty discount of $150 - use promo code EXPLORE.

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EMRA Medical Student Events at ACEP19

Medical students, plan your trip to Denver with intention. EMRA offers valuable programming and events that you won’t want to miss! Begin your trip with a stop at the Medical Student Forum. You’ll hear from seasoned faculty and program directors during the general session. And, during the break-out sessions you’ll discover how to be a successful student, how to navigate the application and Match process, and receive interview advice. 

Only the first 400 registered can attend!  Registration Required

Free to EMRA members!  Continental Breakfast served.

EMRA Hangouts will be LIVE! at ACEP 2019:

Hangouts is a student resource for learning from emergency medicine leaders on topics such as competitiveness, setting expectations and the Match process. Program Directors from around the country are scheduled for this LIVE edition to speak specifically about their program and what it has to offer you. Bonus, after the recordings are complete, each interview is linked to the appropriate EMRA Match page!

Learn More About EMRA Hangouts Live! from ACEP19

Bring Your Case to Case-Con at ACEP19

You know that puzzling case that has intrigued you since you started medical school? How about tackling a little research and presenting it at Case-Con! Students and residents come together to present interesting emergency medicine cases.

Do you want to present an interesting Emergency Medicine case at one of the largest EM national conferences in the country? Are you looking for a way to strengthen your EM residency application or your CV? Are you interested in a chance to win a cash prize? 

Where:  ACEP19 Scientific Assembly - Denver, CO
When:   Sunday, October 27, 2019: 12:30p - 5:30p

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See Last Years Winners and Abstracts

EMRA Events at ACEP19

Thursday, October 24    
8a - 5p EMRA Board Meeting  
4:30p - 6p

EMRA Resident Caucus
(Resident and Alternate Delegates to ACEP Council)

7p - 10p

EMRA Board Dinner

Friday, October 25    
10a - 1p EMRA Medical Student Council Executive Session (invitation only)  
1p - 4:30p EMRA Medical Student Council Meeting  
5:30p - 7p EMRA Board of Directors Executive Session  
6p - 8p EMRA Medical Student Meet Up (invitation only)  
Saturday, October 26
7a EMRA Medical Student Forum Registration Opens and Breakfast Served
8a - 12p EMRA Medical Student Forum (Free for Members; Registration Required)
  MSI and MSII Break Out Session
  MSIII Osteopathic Student Break Out Session
 Breakout Sessions MSIII Allopathic  Student Break Out Session
  MSIV Break Out Session
  International Students  
1:30p - 3:30p EMRA Residency Program Fair & EMRA Studio  
Sunday, Oct 27 - Day 1    
8a - 6p EMRA Hangouts LIVE  
8a - 5p EMRA·CAST   
9a - 11a

EMRA Leadership Academy

10a - 11:30a

EMRA Resolution Review and Public Hearing

11:30a - 12:30p

EMRA Board and Staff Lunch (invitation only)

12:30p - 5:30p EMRA Committee Meetings    
12:30p - 2p EMRA Committee Meetings  
  Administration & Operations  
  Critical Care (12:30p - 5:30p)  
  Diversity & Inclusion  
  Research - Case Con (12:30p - 5:30p)  
2:15p - 3:45p EMRA Committee Meetings  
  Peds, Simulation & Ultrasound (2:15p - 5:30p)  
  Critical Care (extended)  
  Health Policy  
  Research - Case Con (extended)  
  Prehospital & Disaster Medicine  
  Wilderness Medicine  
4p - 5:30p EMRA Committee Meetings  
  Peds, Simulation & Ultrasound (extended)  
  Critical Care (extended)  
  Government Services  
  Research - Case Con (extended)  
  Sports Medicine  
  Social EM  
5p - 7p

EMRA Job & Fellowship Fair 

Monday, Oct 28 - Day 2    
7a - 8a EMRA Rep Council Registration
EMRA Rep Council Welcome Breakfast & Candidate's Forum
8a - 12:30a EMRA Rep Council and Town Hall Meeting  
8a - 5p EMRA Hangouts LIVE  
8a - 6p EMRA·CAST   
9a - 3p EMRA Resident SIMWars Competition  
3:30p - 5p EMRA Board of Directors Orientation (invitation only)  
5:30p - 7:30p EMRA Committees Update to Board dinner (invitation only)  
7:30p - 9p

EMRA Resident Leaders Meet up (invitation only)

10p - 2a EMRA Party  
Tuesday, Oct 29 - Day 3    
8a - 6p EMRA Hangouts LIVE  
8a - 5p EMRA·CAST   
10:30a - 12p EMRA Board Meeting and Wrap-Up Brunch  
1p - 3p EMRA 20 in 6 Resident Lecture Competition  
3p - 5p All EM Resident Organizations & Students (AEROS) Meeting  
5p - 7p EMRA Airway Stories  
Wednesday, Oct 30 - Day 4    
8a - 5p EMRA MedWAR  


 We hope to see you in Denver!