EMRA Events at ACEP 2021


As you plan your trip to Boston, check out 

EMRA at ACEP21 On Demand.



While registration for ACEP21 is not required to attend EMRA programming, it is encouraged. However, attendees must adhere to ACEP meeting policies in Boston.

  • Event entrance is granted only through the BCEC main doors.
  • Download the CLEAR app to provide proof of vaccination and daily COVID checks.
  • Mask at all times.
  • Maintain social distancing.

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Thursday, October 21

7p - 10p EMRA Resolution Review at the Public Hearing (virtual)

Saturday, October 23

1p – 5p EMRA Medical Student Council Meeting (virtual)

Sunday, October 24

4p - 6:30p EMRA/ACEP Leadership Academy (virtual)

Monday, October 25

12:30p - 5:30p Case-Con Residents (virtual)
12:30p - 5:30p Case-Con Medical Students (virtual)
12:30p - 2p EMRA Committee Programming (virtual)
2:15p - 3:45p EMRA Committee Programming (virtual)
4p - 5:30p EMRA Committee Programming (virtual)
5p - 7p EMRA Job & Fellowship Fair (in person at BCEC)

Tuesday, October 26

9a – 10a EMRA Rep Council Registration (virtual)
10a –3:30p EMRA Rep Council and Business Meeting (virtual)
9a – 3p EMRA Resident SimWars Competition (virtual)

Wednesday, October 27

1p – 3p EMRA 20 in 6 (virtual)
5p - 7p EMRA Airway Stories (virtual)

Thursday, October 28

7a - 5p EMRA MedWar (in person)

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