ACEP Leadership and Advocacy Conference

ACEP Leadership and Advocacy Conference 2024

April 14-16, 2024

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About the Conference

At the ACEP Leadership & Advocacy Conference,  you will have the opportunity to learn advocacy skills, be exposed to the latest issues facing emergency medicine, and receive updates directly from members of Congress.
Additionally, there will be a section focused solely on issues facing residents. You must be involved to help delineate these policy issues unique to residents. You will have the chance to walk across the mall and take an active part in forming healthcare policy. Bring your excitement to learn and your desire to advocate for the rights of patients, residents, and emergency medicine. 


Drop The Mic - Advocacy

We are looking for engaging, talented speakers who are interested in health policy and emergency medicine to be in the spotlight at the Leadership and Advocacy Conference (LAC) Health Policy Primer Day on Sunday, April 14, 2024.
Approximately 7 speakers will give mini-lectures (~5 minutes - Ted like talk style) focusing on timely legislative topics. Selected speakers will be given a topic and lecture objectives. The EMRA/YPS Executive Committee will work with you to refine and review your final talk prior to the LAC2024 conference.

Applications closed on January 21, 2024

Presenter Name Topic
Robert Dunn, MD The Patient-Payer Relationship
Shivam S. Shah, MD The Payer-Physician Relationship
Derek Martinez, MD Medicare Overview
Naeha Haridasa, MD Medicaid Overview
Mr. Kyle Essex EMTALA
Ms. Anjali Misra Universal Health Care and Single Payer

Pre-Conference Curriculum


Intro to Health Policy

Angela G Cai, MD, MBA
PGY3 - SUNY Downstate/Kings County

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How a Bill Becomes a Law

Puneet Gupta, MD, FACEP
Harbor UCLA - EMS
Legislative Advisor, YPS

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Real Stories on How Health Policy Impacts Our Patients

The future of Emergency Medicine is bright, as our residents engage in making their patients' lives better. Check out their health care advocacy stories below.

Emergency Medicine Advocacy Handbook

Published: April, 2023

Health policy plays a critical role in the success of every emergency physician. Be an informed, active advocate for yourself and your patients! EMRA’s Emergency Medicine Advocacy Handbook, 6th ed., will give you the knowledge and context you need to discuss the policy issues affecting the way you practice medicine. Produced with the help of an educational grant from US Acute Care Solutions, this book offers a clear path to becoming a savvy advocate.

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Listen to audio chapters here

EMRA / ACEP YPS Virtual Health Policy Primer 2020

Although ACEP canceled its in-person Leadership & Advocacy Conference (LAC) in 2020 due to COVID, EMRA and YPS still held the Health Policy Primer Virtually.  Check out the videos below including a modern rap by Cleavon MD.


COVID Legislative & Regulatory Updates by the EMRA Health Policy Committee

Discussion of policy impacted by COVID.


Valerie Pierre, MD
EMRA Health Policy Committee Vice Chair
PGY2 - Brookdale University Medical Center

Clifford Marks, MD
EMRA Health Policy Committee Vice Chair
PGY2 - Mount Sinai School of Medicine - New York

Logan Ramsey, MD
EMRA Health Policy Committee Vice Chair
PGY1 - University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

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Point-Counterpoint: Is the Solution to Healthcare Coverage Public or Private?

Discuss & validate differences and the reasons behind public vs. private approaches closing the coverage gap for Americans


Dennis Hsieh, MD, JD (Moderator)
Asst Professor, UCLA School of Medicine
Director of Social Medicine & Population Health, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

Kyle Fischer, MD, MPH
Fellowship Director in Health Policy and Leadership at University of Maryland

Jordan Warchol, MD, MPH
Asst Professor, University of

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The Politics of Policy

How does politics affect the viability of health policy solutions? Who are the important players/committees? How does an advocacy organization build and leverage relationships?

Rachel Roubein, (Moderator)
Healthcare Reporter POLITICO Pro

Theresa Tran, MD, MBA
Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine

Elizabeth Allen
Senior Health Policy Advisor, Rep. Michael C. Burgess, MD (TX-26)

Rodney Whitlock, PhD
GW Adjunct Professor
Vice President, McDermott + Consulting

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Cleavon MD - Bill into a Law

Your Health Policy Primer breaks down the process on how a bill becomes a law with the unique stylings of Cleavon MD. It’s School House Rock… BAFERD style!

Cleavon Gilman, MD
PGY4 - New York Presbyterian Hospital

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Micro Lectures

MACRA, Psychiatric Boarding, Balance Billing, X Waivers and Advocacy In Action


Advocacy in Action

Kimberly Chernoby, MD, JD, MA
PGY3 - Indiana University School of Medicine

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Balance Billing

Scott Pasichow, MD, MPH
EMS Fellow - Alpert Medical School at Brown University

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Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) 

Charles Sanky, BA
MD-MPH Candidate - 2021
Population Health Researcher
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

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X-The-X-Waiver : Support for the Mainstream Addiction Treatment (MAT) Act

Callan Fockele, MD, MS
PGY4 - University of Washington

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Psychiatric Boarding in the Emergency Department: How did we get here?

Vidya Eswaran, MD
PGY4 - Northwestern University

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