ACEP Leadership and Advocacy Conference


There is a nominal fee for resident members to attend the Leadership & Advocacy Conference. Paying for travel to Washington, DC, lodging, and related expenses can be difficult for the average cash-strapped EM resident. Many residency programs and ACEP chapters have funding that may be available to residents interested in attending.

About the Conference

At the ACEP Leadership & Advocacy Conference,  you will have the opportunity to learn advocacy skills, be exposed to the latest issues facing emergency medicine, and receive updates directly from members of Congress. Additionally, there will be a section focused solely on issues facing residents. You must be involved to help delineate these policy issues unique to residents. You will have the chance to walk across the mall and take an active part in forming healthcare policy. Bring your excitement to learn and your desire to advocate for the rights of patients, residents, and emergency medicine. 

Drop The Mic - Advocacy

We are looking for engaging, talented speakers who are interested in health policy and emergency medicine to be in the spotlight at the Leadership and Advocacy Conference (LAC) Health Policy Primer Day 2020. Approximately 5 speakers will give mini-lectures (~7 minutes - Ted talk style) focusing on timely legislative topics. Selected speakers will be given a topic and lecture objectives. The EMRA/YPS Executive Committee will work with you to refine and review your final talk prior to the LAC2020 conference.

Deadline - Feb 1, 2020

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EMRA and ACEP Young Physician Section - Health Policy Primer

Grand Hyatt - Washington
1000 H St NW
Washington, DC
(202) 582-1234

Sunday, April 25

12:30p Welcome  
12:45p Health Policy 101 - Dr. Angela Cai  
1p How a Bill Becomes a Law - Schoolhouse Rock Adult Version - Dr. Puneet Gupta
Featuring: Cleavon MD rap on legislative process
1:30p Point-Counterpoint: Is the solution to health care coverage public or private?  
2:15p Break : Transition to Drop The Mic Lecturers  

Drop The Mic: Advocacy 


The Politics of Policy

4p Closing Remarks - How to get involved  

Real Stories on How Health Policy Impacts Our Patients

The future of Emergency Medicine is bright, as our residents engage in making their patients' lives better. Check out their health care advocacy stories below.

Emergency Medicine Advocacy Handbook

Published: April, 2019

Health policy plays a critical role in the success of every emergency physician. Be an informed, active advocate for yourself and your patients! EMRA’s Advocacy Handbook, 5th ed., will give you the knowledge and context you need to discuss the policy issues affecting the way you practice medicine. Produced with the help of an educational grant from US Acute Care Solutions, this book offers a clear path to becoming a savvy advocate.

Coming soon on Amazon and the ACEP Bookstore!

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