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Audio Edition


Recorded by Nathaniel Schlicher, MD, JD, MBA, FACEP

Chapter 1. Anyone, Anything, Anytime: The EMTALA Story

Recorded by Moira Smith, MD, MPH | University of Virginia

Chapter 2. Serving the Forgotten: The EM Safety Net

Recorded by Adena David, MD | Piedmont Macon Medical Center

Chapter 3. The Plumbing Is Broken: Hospital-Based Congestion

Recorded by Maria Jones, DO | Christiana Care Health System

Chapter 4. Health Beyond Health Care: Social Determinants

Recorded by Sriram Venkatesan, MD, FAWM | Sri Ramachandra University

Chapter 5. Physician Payment 101

Recorded by Jacob Altholz, MD | UNLV/Nellis Air Force Base

Chapter 6. Patients as Payers

Recorded by Sonal Kumar | Ross University School of Medicine and Pranav Kaul, MD | Northwestern University

Chapter 7. Taking the Free Market Out of Health Care

Recorded by Katarina Jones | University of Louisville School of Medicine

Chapter 8. Physicians: The New Regulated Utility

Recorded by Anam Chaudhry, DO | Christiana Care Health System

Chapter 9. Less Money, More Problems: Physician-Owned Practices

Recorded by Thamanna Nishath, MD | Stanford University

Chapter 10. "New" Methods to Control Costs: Quality and Data

Recorded by Evelyn Huang, MD | Northwestern University

Chapter 11. Medical Malpractice: The Sword of Damocles

Recorded by Lauren Rosenfeld, MD | George Washington University

Chapter 12. Scope Trials and Tribulations

Recorded by Amanda Irish, MD, MPH | Prisma Health

Chapter 13. Board Certification: Why It Matters

Recorded by Rajkumar Pammal, MD | Mount Sinai Morningside West

Chapter 14. Corporate Practice of Medicine

Recorded by Aaron Kuzel, DO, MBA | University of Louisville

Chapter 15. Education as the New Battleground

Recorded by Kenneth Kim, MD | UCLA Ronald Reagan Olive View

Chapter 16. Emergency Medicine Outside the ED

Recorded by Neena Joy, DO | Morristown Medical Center/Atlantic Health

Chapter 17. Leading Outside the Walls: Importance of Leadership Skills

Recorded by Ryan Leone, MSc | Columbia University

Chapter 18. All Politics Is Local

Recorded by Sabrina Bawa, MD | University of Connecticut

Chapter 19. Process Matters: From Lobbying to Law

Recorded by EMRA

Chapter 20. Building the Winning Message

Recorded by Monisha Dilip, MD | Yale University School of Medicine

Chapter 21. The Fourth Branch of Government: Regulatory Issues

Recorded by Ellen Shank, MD | UC-Davis

Chapter 22. The Fight Never Ends: Judicial Challenges

Recorded by Lisa MacDonald, MD | Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Chapter 23. Advocacy for Everyone

Recorded by Joseph Elfrink, MD | Medical University of South Carolina

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