Random Acts of Wellness

  • Take someone a bottle of water.
  • Use that "free pass" from the gym and invite someone.
  • Your buddy has burnout, find a yoga class and go.
  • You're driving the gang to dinner, park far and make them walk.
  • Does your shift need a shot of happy? Smile when you pass people.
  • Grab your buddy and take your break outside when it's nice and sunny.
  • That great book you've been reading ... that gives your mind a breather ... share a copy with a coworker.
  • You came across a great Groupon deal ... don't keep it to yourself. Pin it on the board in the resident lounge.
  • Surprise someone with a gift card for coffee ... and take him. Coffee and talking is good therapy.
  • Found the perfect app for relaxing at a moment’s notice ... tell people about it.
  • A friend struggling with a case? Share an EMRA resource.
  • Co-resident in a bind? Pick up his/her shift.
  • Give co-resident a few extra minutes of “me” time … come in for shift early to relieve your buddy.
  • Two difficult patients come in - help out and take one if you can.
  • Going to the cafe? Grab a friend a snack. Just because. Kindness is uplifting to the soul.
  • Have a game night! Laughter is great medicine for the spirit.
  • Take an extra minute to connect with that "pretty interesting" or "cool" patient you took care of. Just one meaningful connection with a new person can brighten an entire shift.
  • Take a few minutes to get to know one of the attendings, nurses or ancillary staff better. It can help with team morale and cohesiveness and also helps make a shift feel less mundane or routine and more engaging
  • Cover your co-resident on shift so he/she can go eat (and actually enjoy) a meal.
  • Pick up some snacks en route to your shift to share with your coworkers. A little box of munchkins goes a long way.
  • Have a few minutes of downtime? Chat with a nurse, tech, your co-residents, or attending about something other than medicine.

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