Leadership and Advocacy Conference

Leadership and Advocacy Conference 2017 - Washington, D.C.

Leadership & Advocacy Conference Video Project

Do you have a compelling patient story to share? EMRA needs your help to build a video montage comprised of real stories on how health policy impacts our patients.  We want this video to help inspire other residents about why advocacy outside the ED matters just as much as advocacy in the ED. These videos will serve as a tribute to emergency medicine residents and young physicians who work so hard to provide care in a system that is not always working with us. The video will be shared during the Health Policy Primer during LAC, on the EMRA website and circulated through social media.

Upload your 1-minute-maximum videos here. Get details of the project here. Any questions? Contact video@emra.org.

The top 5 submissions will win a free admission to LAC 2018 on May 20-23 in Washington, DC.

Deadline:All video submissions are due by February 1, 2018.

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About the Conference

At the ACEP Leadership & Advocacy Conference,  you will have the opportunity to learn advocacy skills, be exposed to the latest issues facing emergency medicine, and receive updates directly from members of Congress. Additionally, there will be a section focused solely on issues facing residents. You must be involved to help delineate these policy issues unique to residents. You will have the chance to walk across the mall and take an active part in forming healthcare policy. Bring your excitement to learn and your desire to advocate for the rights of patients, residents, and emergency medicine. 


There is a nominal fee for resident members to attend the Leadership & Advocacy Conference. Paying for travel to Washington, DC, lodging, and related expenses can be difficult for the average cash-strapped EM resident. Many residency programs and ACEP chapters have funding that may be available to residents interested in attending.

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