Practice Types

The variety of practice options in emergency medicine is quite diverse. There are four main types of practice:

Academic Practice

The academic practice is ideal for those physicians who want to teach and influence the development of future emergency physicians. Academic physicians value the teaching environment, research opportunities, and lifelong personal learning.

Group Practice

Just as the name implies group practice is founded on the principle that all members are created equal, and that all members should have a voice in the operating decisions of the group.

Contract Management Groups

A corporate group holds the contract with the hospital to provide physician services, and it employs physicians to fulfill those contracts. The contract management group is responsible for all the financial management of the practice.

Hospital Employee

The emergency physician may be hired directly by the hospital administrator to staff the emergency department. The physician generally negotiates their own individual contract with the hospital administrator. This allows you, the physician, to strike the best deal possible. The physician is responsible for patient care and maintenance of a good relationship with the hospital administrator and is not responsible for billing or collecting, contract maintenance, or other administrative duties.