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Emergency ECGs

Published: September, 2021

ECG interpretation is an essential skill in emergency medicine. This collection of 100+ cases covers both fundamental and advanced concepts and provides detailed interpretations that will sharpen, or keep sharp, your ECG reading skills.

  • Brought to you by Jeremy Berberian, William Brady, and Amal Mattu, with an introduction by Judith Tintinalli
  • 400+ annotated high-resolution images designed to maximize pattern recognition
  • Work through the cases randomly or by topic (regular wide-complex tachycardias, T-wave alternans, lead reversal, biventricular paced rhythms, syncope, etc.)
  • Highly functional e-book format for use on phone, tablet, desktop, or Kindle device

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EMRA Urgent Care Guide

Published: July, 2021

This guide will help clinicians in urgent care clinics streamline the management of nearly any case they encounter on-shift. With 89 chapters, this book ensures setting-appropriate care for a wide range of conditions. Use the clear disposition recommendations to confirm which patients should be sent to the emergency department, who can be discharged with follow-up care by their family doctor, and what requires follow-up with specialists. If you work in a clinic, this resource will help.

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EMRA PEM Fundamentals: The Essential Handbook for Pediatric Emergencies

Published: July, 2021

Pediatric emergencies can vary widely by age and chief complaint. One thing they all have in common: children are depending on you to make them better. In this guide you will find:

  • High-yield history & clinical presentation tips
  • Guidance for thorough but focused work-ups
  • Decision-making tools to help you manage each patient

This book is best for clinicians working in emergency and community medicine: physicians, PAs, NPs, nurses, off-service rotators, and anyone covering the pediatric ED.

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EM Fundamentals: The Essential Handbook for Emergency Medicine Residents, 2nd Edition

Published: June, 2021

This pocket-size reference manual is stronger than ever, with a new and improved edition. Find quick guides, can't-miss diagnoses, warning signs, and common treatments for a host of conditions you'll encounter on shift in the emergency department.

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Basics of Emergency Medicine, 4th Edition

Published: June, 2021

EMRA is pleased to offer the newest edition of our popular clinical guide that will help you build a differential and assemble a treatment plan efficiently and quickly. This pocket-size resource focuses on nearly 2 dozen of the most common chief complaints you'll see on shift.

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Basics of Emergency Medicine: Pediatrics, 3rd Edition

Published: June, 2021

This resource aims to erase some of the stress of caring for our youngest patients. It offers considerations for the most common pediatric complaints — along with considerations for child abuse, an overview of neonatal emergencies, and ultra-useful pediatric medication charts, normal vital signs, and likely diseases per age group.

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EMRA Antibiotic Guide, 19th ed.

Published: July, 2020

How long has it been since you updated your Antibiotic Guide? This is definitely the year to do it. The 19th edition provides clear interpretation of the most recent IDSA guidelines for treating pneumonia, plus an overview of antibiotic use in pregnancy, and more. You can’t go on shift without this incredible resource – and you won’t want to. Navigate the multitude of choices in antibiotics quickly and efficiently so you can offer your patients the best care based on the latest guidelines. Protect against overprescribing, address pediatric dosage questions, examine penicillin usage, and stay up-to-date on new approvals and guidance from the FDA. Member copies are provided with help from an educational grant from US Acute Care Solutions. EMRA appreciates their support.

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PressorDex®: Critical Care Medication Guide, 4th edition

Published: July, 2020

When you’re managing critically ill patients, time matters. Make the most of it with EMRA PressorDex®: Critical Care Medication Guide, the best on-shift guide to pressors, vasoactive drugs, continuous infusions, and other medications. This indispensable pocket resource helps you choose the right medication and dosages, even during the busiest ICU shift. 

Researched by 100 critical care specialists and pharmacy faculty from 35 institutions around the country, this guide offers evidence-based options you can trust.New features with the 4th edition:

  • Brand-new Thyroid Storm chapter
  • Updated guidance for the management of pediatric sepsis
  • Updated guidance for managing pit viper envenomation

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Pain Management Guide, 1st Edition

Published: July, 2020

Pain is one of the most prevalent, yet misunderstood, symptoms in emergency medicine. In this guide, the top pain management and palliative care authorities in the field succinctly and clearly present options for effective analgesia. Find opioid alternatives, tips for specific conditions, and more.

BONUS MATERIAL! Our print guide offers top-level guidance for on-shift use, along with QR codes linking to a deeper dive into the research. Plus, you’ll find bonus chapters and continuously updated guidance in the online version.

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Trauma Guide: Beginner’s Approach to the Trauma Bay, 1st edition

Published: July, 2020

Make sense of the chaos of the trauma bay with this emergency medicine reference guide. Review the basics of a trauma assessment, prepare for injury-specific interventions, and anticipate what your team may need next in the fast-paced trauma resuscitation setting. This book is best for new learners, off-service rotators, and anyone who wants a quick refresher when EMS calls with a trauma en route.

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Published: October, 2017

The EMRA EKG Guide — supported by an educational grant from Doctors For Emergency Services (DFES) — will quickly become your go-to resource for on-shift EKG interpretation. It describes the diagnostic criteria and important clinical features for can't-miss EKG findings — all organized for fast and efficient referencing.

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EMRA and ACMT Medical Toxicology Guide

Published: October, 2018

This on-shift guide will help you quickly and effectively treat the poisoned patient, providing clear, concise direction at the bedside. Used in conjunction with your regional poison control center or medical toxicologist, the EMRA and ACMT Medical Toxicology Guide is your first line of defense. EMRA is pleased to recognize BTG, Inc., for its support of this inaugural edition.

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EMRA Ortho Guide

Published: July, 2019

Confidently assess and manage fractures, dislocations, and other musculoskeletal injuries in the emergency department with the EMRA Ortho Guide. This on-shift resource offers a general overview, imaging recommendations, management guidelines, and disposition for the most common orthopedic injuries seen in the ED. Use this easy reference to quickly review splinting techniques, reduction tips, and key neurologic exam considerations as well.

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Free E-Book Downloads and Online Books

EMRA and CORD Student Advising Guide: An Evidence-Based Approach to Matching in EM

Published: April, 2019

Medical students are applying to twice as many residency programs as they were a decade ago – straining their time, their stamina, and their bank accounts. What does the data show to be effective for matching into emergency medicine? EMRA and the Council of Residency Directors in Emergency Medicine have broken it down for you. This book – free to all EMRA student members and also accessible online – will help you apply smarter, not harder.

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Emergency Medicine Advocacy Handbook

Published: April, 2019

Health policy plays a critical role in the success of every emergency physician. Be an informed, active advocate for yourself and your patients! EMRA’s Advocacy Handbook, 5th ed., will give you the knowledge and context you need to discuss the policy issues affecting the way you practice medicine. Produced with the help of an educational grant from US Acute Care Solutions, this book offers a clear path to becoming a savvy advocate.

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EMRA Wellness Guide

Published: March, 2018

Residency is one of the most challenging times in the career of a physician. In addition to the stressors of working in a fast-paced, high-acuity, and information-poor setting, emergency medicine (EM) residents also have limited autonomy when it comes to shift scheduling, clinical responsibilities, and even financial support. Our vision was to create an on-the-go and easy-to-use resource tailored for EM residents, who may not have the time or experience to know where to find answers to questions like, “How can I make my night shifts more bearable?” or “How do I recover and continue to take care of patients after a bad case?”

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EMRA Transgender Care Guide

Published: December, 2018

As transgender health is an emerging field, a large knowledge gap exists among providers when caring for these patients, and this leaves many health care teams inadequately prepared to establish effective communication with their LGBTQ patiens, increasing the risk of less-than-optimal care.  It's essential for the emergency physicians to be aware of the unique approach to care for trans patients.

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EMRA Fellowship Guide: Opportunities for Emergency Physicians

Published: July, 2018

If you're interested in pursuing advanced training in a subspecialty, this new publication is a must-read.

Find out about the wide world of fellowships open to emergency physicians, including an overview of available opportunities. Get tips on how to make yourself stand out as a candidate, what to expect during the training, and how to find the program best suited for you.

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EMS Essentials: A Resident's Guide to Prehospital Care

Published: May, 2016

Prehospital care is a vital and growing segment of medicine. With this publication, emergency medicine residents get an overview of the workings of EMS, including:

  • The resident's role in the field
  • What to expect on ride-alongs
  • EMS subspecialty areas

Written by emergency medicine residents and faculty with a specific interest in prehospital care and disaster medicine, this resource serves as an introduction to an emerging segment of medicine.

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Resident as Educator

Published: February, 2013

Written by residents for residents, this book offers essential tools for becoming astute educators. Informational chapters on learning theories, mentorship, bedside teaching, clinical reasoning, remediation, and more help provide structure and guidance while crystalizing the privileges and pressures of being a resident educator.

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International Emergency Medicine

Published: December, 2013

Pack your carry-on with EMRA's essential guide for clinicians in resource-limited settings! This "know before you go" handbook covers everything from ethics to immunizations to passports and will enrich your travel experience as well as help optimize the care of your patients.

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The Nuts & Bolts of Global Emergency Medicine

Published: November, 2016

Global Emergency Medicine is a burgeoning field, helping to improve medical care around the globe. The possibilities to contribute are endless, but learning how to becoming involved can be intimidating.

This book serves are a guidebook for students, residents and others interested in global health work. The book contains several practical sections written by a panel of experts in the field.

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When caring for trans patients, understanding and utilizing correct terminology is the initial step in establishing effective communication, making patients feel comfortable and welcome in the ED.

Dec 19, 2018

Guide to the History and Physical

Presenting to an ED can be anxiety-provoking for all patients, but especially so for trans patients. It is critically important to create a safe, sensitive, and trusting environment by employing specific questions, terminology, and physical exam techniques.