Fireside Chat: EM Match 2023

Fireside Chat: EM Match 2023

March 30, 2023

Is EM still cool? What happened in the 2023 Match? Tune in to EMRA*Cast for a special fireside chat with EMRA President Jess Murphy, MD, and host Chris Reilly, MD, talking about the Match, the aftermath, and our best path forward.


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Christopher Reilly, MD

Maimonides Medical Center Medical Education Fellowship
@docreilles | Instagram: docreilles
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Jessica Adkins Murphy, MD

EMRA President, 2022-2023
EM Resident Editor-in-Chief, EMRA Board of Directors - 2021-2022
University of Kentucky Emergency Medicine Residency Program


Emergency medicine saw a record number of initially unfilled spots in the NRMP Match 2023 - so many, in fact, that it became national news. What happened? What is the resident viewpoint? And most important: Where do we go from here? EMRA President Jessica Adkins Murphy, MD, sits down for a special fireside chat with host Chris Reilly, MD. 

Take-Home Points

  • EM remains an incredible specialty, full of the most dedicated, skilled colleagues.
  • The factors that led to Match 2023 are neither simple nor singular - it is a nuanced landscape that requires a collaborative effort in emergency medicine.

Further Reading
Please see EMRA's statement on the Match for statistics, historical context, and specific calls to action.

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