End of Life - Palliative Care in the ED

End of Life: Palliative Care in the ED

March 15, 2024

Palliative care can be difficult and confusing. How do we care for those at the end of their life, and how can we also care for their families? Today we discuss the conversational and medical sides of palliative care medicine with EMRA*Cast host Kyle Duke, MD, and Carrie Harvey, MD, an EM/intensivist at University of Michigan.


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Kyle Duke, MD

Prisma Health - Greenville
EMRA*Cast Episodes


Carrie Harvey, MD

EM/Critical Care Intensivist
Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine
University of Michigan
Fellowship-trained: University of Michigan
Residency-trained: University of Wisconsin
Medical school: Wayne State University


In this episode, Dr. Chris Reilly and Dr. Lizzii Le co-host an interview with Dr. Adam Goodcoff to discuss the impact of social media in medical education. The conversation covers authenticity, transparency, professionalism, and the potential for social media to revolutionize medical education.


  • Reilly, Dr. Le, and Dr. Goodcoff dive into each of their experiences as physicians with social media presence.
  • They examine the power of social media in reaching patients and health care professionals alike.
  • They talk about the importance of authenticity and transparency in social media content.
  • Medical education continues to evolve with FOAMed and is expected to continue growing through video content and virtual lectures on social media, as seen with legends like Haney Mallemat (@CriticalCareNow) and Anand Swaminathan (@EMSwami)
  • Goodcoff emphasizes the need for professionalism and caution in sharing medical cases on social media
  • Medical students and residents interested in medical education should highly consider the use of social media to practice their education techniques and further increase awareness of medical diagnoses and treatment


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