Your First 5 Years Out of Residency

Your First 5 Years Out

June 15, 2022



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Kim Bambach, MD

Medical Education Fellow
Interim Assistant Director of the Kiehl Wellness Endowment
The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
Twitter: @kimbambach
EMRA*Cast Episodes


Christina Shenvi, MD, PhD, MBA, FACEP

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of North Carolina
President, Association for Professional Women in Medical Sciences
Director of the UNC Office of Academic Excellence
Former competitive ballroom dancer | Mom of 4

Nikki Binz, MD, FACEP

Clinical Associate Professor
Emergency Medicine Residency Program Director
University of North Carolina

Congratulations on graduating residency! Do yourself a big favor and listen to this advice from Dr. Christina Shenvi and Dr. Nikki Binz, brought you by EMRA*Cast host Dr. Kim Bambach. Start off on the right foot with BHAG, ikigai, and proper spycraft at a new job. You got this!

Congratulations on graduating residency! The transition to attendinghood presents an exciting new challenge to navigate. Steering your career as you step out on your own can seem daunting, and in this episode Drs. Christina Shenvi and Nikki Binz share the keys to success in your first years out as a newly minted attending.

Key Points

  • Take a step back: how will you measure success? Your goals should align so that you can do more of what makes you feel engaged and excited.
  • Consider the Japanese concept of Ikigai, the intersection of what you love, what you're great at, what the world needs, and what you can be paid to do.
  • Don't be afraid to have a BHAG - a Big Hairy Audacious Goal.
  • Tips for getting off on the right foot at a new institution: ask everyone's name and spy out allies and mentors.
  • Even though residency is done, it is more important than ever to keep learning and be intentional about preventing skill decay. Following up on your patients through the EMR to understand their hospital course is one example of how to do this.
  • You may be inundated with new opportunities - be strategic with your yes's and no's. A great mentor can help you decide what is strategic for this stage in your career.
  • Faculty from your residency can continue to be your mentors. Don't forget the phone number for your residency ED is a resource that is available to you when you encounter tough cases!
  • Maybe your new job isn't what you hoped it would be; there is no shame in changing directions and prioritizing your wellness.
  • You worked hard in residency. Life after residency also provides a chance to rediscover your hobbies and who you were before residency!

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