Show Notes - The Delta Factor: Overcoming Gender Disparities


Flashback Friday: The Delta Factor: Overcoming Gender Disparities

Originally Published: November 14, 2018
In this episode,  Dr. Tiffany Proffitt talks with Dr. Esther Choo about tangible ways to view and address gender disparities in emergency medicine.


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Tiffany Proffitt, DO, MABS

Attending Physician
Honor Health, Scottsdale, AZ

EMRA*Cast Episodes
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Dr. Esther Choo, MD

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)
Former president of AWAEM
FemInEM Advisory Board member
Co-founder of Equity Quotient 


Recorded at ACEP 2018 on the Expo floor. A discussion with Dr. Esther Choo on overcoming gender disparities in medicine as well as advice to residents and core faculty for implementation of techniques to encourage change and advancement. Introduction to Dr. Choo’s new start up Equity Quotient.

Content of Show Notes:

Dr. Choo’s Top 3 for Overcoming Gender Disparities in Medicine:

  1. Find your support network - there are local and national groups!
  2. You are NOT alone!
  3. Continue to work to improve the problem as you move up.

Just a Few Support Networks:

Citations for Any Relevant Articles

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