EMRA*Cast and EM Over Easy: A Sit-Down with Mark Cuban

EMRA*Cast and EM Over Easy: A Sit-Down with Mark Cuban

Dec. 11, 2023

When Mark Cuban realized the "rebates" he was getting from his PBM were actually paid for by his sickest employees, he couldn't opt out of the broken system fast enough. Now Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Co. is changing the game. What’s next? And how can EM be part of this revolution? Find out with EMRA*Cast and EM Over Easy.


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Andy Little, DO

Associate Program Director, AdventHealth
Co-founder/Host @EMOverEasy
EMRA*Cast Fellowship Director

Christopher Reilly, MD

Maimonides Medical Center Medical Education Fellowship
@docreilles | Instagram: docreilles
EMRA*Cast Episodes

Will Smith, MD

Emergency physician in Northern California
Graduate, Nuvance Health/Vassar Brothers Medical Center Residency
@WTSmithMD | wtsmithmd
EMRA*Cast Episodes

How many times have you treated a bounceback patient because they couldn't afford medicine? Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Co. can help make that a bad memory, not an ongoing frustration. And he's not stopping there. This episode, presented by EMRA*Cast and EM Over Easy, will change the way you practice medicine, starting with your next shift. Thank you, Mark Cuban and hosts Andy Little, Chris Reilly, and Will Smith.

Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Co. is an online pharmacy that has made a commitment to patients: you can get your medications for what it costs to procure them, plus a transparent, flat markup so the company can keep the lights on.

This patient-first approach speaks to the heart of emergency medicine, and that's why we’re speaking to Mark Cuban.

Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Co. opened in 2022 and continues to expand its formulary; currently it offers roughly 1,500 medications. In July 2023, the Texas Board of Pharmacy issued the company a certificate of pharmaceutical manufacturing, opening another level of potential for the future.

And now they're working with retail pharmacies such as Kroger so that patients who prefer an in-person visit to the pharmacy can use the Team Cuban Card to get the same savings.

What's next? According to the iconic founder, it's time to work outside the system and revolutionize not only pharmacy benefits, but also health care financial models – and ultimately improve patient care in America.


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