Be The Change Project Grant

Purpose of Award

This is EMRA's largest award and is intended to empower you, as an EMRA member, to "dream big" for emergency medicine. The award will provide a large grant to a resident/medical student or group of residents/students to create and pursue a project designed to have a significant impact on emergency medicine education, research, practice, or policy.

While the EMRA grant criterion does not dictate limitations on indirect costs, the spirit of the award is for all (or almost all) of the funds to be used for research purposes. 

Sample Project Proposal:

Project Safe Space


EMRA Student, Resident, and Fellow members

Selection Criteria

Grants will be judged on the quality, feasibility, and novelty of the project. We are looking for ideas that are ambitious, unique, and capable of improving emergency medicine practice

Note: If a suitable project proposal is not submitted during a given calendar year, this award will go unfilled for that year


$3000 total ($1500 upon receipt of the award; $1500 upon completion)

Award Date

Fall Meeting

Date of Inception

Fall 2013

We are not curretly accepting applications for this grant.

Past Recipients

2021 Jacob Garcia, MD
2020 Herman Lee, DO
2019 Timothy Henderson, MD
Gregory Peters
2018 Cindy Chang, MD
Kelsey Vargas, MD
Jennifer Noble, MD
Lauren Kava, MD
Yagnaram Ravichandran, MD
2017 Danika Evans, OMSIII
Natalie Terao, MD
Paul Ginart
2016 Carleigh Benton

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