Jean Hollister Contribution to Pre-Hospital Care Award

The EMRA Contribution to Pre-Hospital Care Award is named in honor of Dr. Jean Hollister, who was killed in a life flight crash while transporting a patient from an accident site near Addison, Michigan, in December 1985. Dr. Hollister was a senior resident at St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo, Ohio. The award was established in 1986 to perpetuate her remembrance and honors excellence in the pre-hospital arena and emergency medical services.

Purpose of Award

Given to the resident or MSIV who has made valuable contributions to pre-hospital care and emergency medical services.

Application Process 

Single letter of recommendation, the nominee's curriculum vitae, and EMRA Awards Application form completed online


EMRA Resident or 4th year Student member

Selection Criteria 

Sustained contributions to the field of EMS through teaching, scholarship and service.

Application Deadline

October 6, 2024

Date of Inception



Past Recipients

2023 Erica Cohen, MD
2023 Steve Radloff, MD
2022 Ryan DeVivo, DO
2020 Jake Toy, DO
2019 Benjamin Nicholson, MD
2018 Tiffany Abramson, MD
2017 Maika Dang, MD
2016 Bently Woods Curry, MD
2015 Andrew Latimer. MD
2014 Ryan Gerecht, MD, CMTE
2013 Douglas Dixon, MD
2012 Marlow Macht, MD
2011 Baruch Fertel, MD
2010 Timothy Chizmar, MD
2009 Kelly Gahan, MD
2008 Ben Lawner, DO
2007 Jose G. Cabanas, MD
2006 Dan Avstreth, MD
2005 Paul Hinchey, MD, MBA
2004 Thomas C. Lewis, MD
2003 Amado Baez Hernandez, MD
2002 James Tripp Winslow, MD
2001 Michael W. Dailey, MD
2000 Thomas Doyle, MD
1999 Williams Gluckman, DO
1998 Stephen Andrews, MD
1997 Jane H. Brice, MD
1996 Theresa Schwab, MD
1995 Owen T. Traynor, MD
1994 David C. Cone, MD
1993 Robert E. Suter, DO, MHA
1992 Stewart W. Martin, MD
1991 Vincent N. Mossesso, Jr., MD
1990 Ronald G. Pirrallo, MD
1989 Benjamin Schifrin, MD
1988 Stephen Borron, MD
1987 Jon R. Krohmer, MD
1986 Jean K. Hollister, MD

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