EMRA Resident of the Year Award

Purpose of Award

This award recognizes an EMRA member who has demonstrated significant dedication in promoting the goals and objectives of EMRA at local, state and national levels. In addition, the recipient must have a record of creativity, enthusiasm and accomplishment in addressing issues pertaining to emergency medicine

Application Process

Single letter of recommendation, the nominee's curriculum vitae, and EMRA Awards Application form completed online


EMRA Resident member

Selection Criteria

Leadership and service to residents



Application Deadline

October 6, 2024

Date of Inception


Apply Now

Past Recipients

2023 Alex Lucas, MD
2023 Katey Della Giustina Osborne, MD
2022 Joshua Lesko, MD
2020 Cindy Chang, MD
2019 Kelly Wong, MD
2018 Capt. Alex Koo, MD
2017 Taylor Nichols, MD
2016 Justin Fuehrer, DO
2015 Sara Andrabi, MD
2014 Tom Becker, MD
2013 Michael Ritchie, MD
2012 Jonel Daphnis, MD, MPH
2011 Priya Kuppusamy, MD
2010 Julie Sullivan, MD
2009 Taku Taira, MD
2008 Julie M. Sullivan, MD
2007 Taku Taira, MD
2006 Justin "Tug" Binstead, DO
2005 Silpa Gadiraju, MD
2004 Heather Farley, MD
2003 Armando Hevia, MD
2002 Jeremy T. Cushman, MD
2001 David Huang, MD
2000 Tiffany Medlin Osborn, MD
1999 Nathan P. Pelmann, MD
1998 Brent Asplin, MD

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