How to update your EMRA Program Representative

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Please create an EMRA Match admin login for me so that I can update my program's profile:




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Apr 18, 2018

Conference in Review: SIMS Conference 2018

Simulation has made an incredible impact on the world of medical education. Students have responded by creating the Student Initiative in Medical Simulation, an organization that is working to promote simulation on many fronts.

Apr 15, 2018

Coming in Hot: Helicopter EMS Safety

Helicopter EMS is less dangerous than often portrayed, and safety is continuously being improved at all levels from the individual, aeromedical agencies, and national regulatory bodies.

Apr 10, 2018

President's Message: Apply Smarter, Not Harder

The percentage of students matching at their preferred programs has remained stable over the past several years. Unfortunately, one number has NOT remained stable: the number of programs to which applicants are applying.