EMRA Stands Up For EM Training & EM Residents

For decades, EMRA believes the only pathway to the independent practice of Emergency Medicine in the 21st century is completion of an ACGME/AOA accredited emergency medicine residency training program and board certification by ABEM or AOBEM.

Physician assistants and nurse practitioners are valued members of the health care team who, under the direct supervision of an onsite board-certified, residency-trained emergency physician, provide quality care for emergency department patients.

EMRA represents 9 out of every 10 EM Residents, and we’re honored to be the voice of EM Residents. That’s why we’re using the relationships we’ve fostered over the last 45 years to:

  • Propose an ACEP Council Resolution to create a Value of the Emergency Physician Campaign
  • Advocate for EM residents on the PA/NP Taskforce, convened by ACEP, which will provide best practice guidelines
  • Represent EM Residents on the EM Workforce Taskforce, convened by ACEP, which will provide the data we need
  • Cultivate a fantastic working relationship with the AMA to engage their vast resources on our behalf
  • Create AEROS, a forum for conversations between all of the EM Resident organizations, including ACOEP-RSO, SAEM/RAMS, AAEM/RSA, CORD, ACGME RC-EM, AAMC-ORR, AMA-RFS & AMA-MSS
  • Discuss these issues at EMRA’s democratic semi-annual Representative Council, where every EM Program in America can have their voice heard

EMRA is the oldest and largest resident organization in the world. Founded in 1974, we help our 16,000+ members become:

We invite you to join us and support our mission to stand up for the value of EM Training & EM Residency.

Omar Z. Maniya, MD, MBA
EMRA President

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