EMRA Committees: COVID-19

EMRA Committees have been actively finding material to help answer questions and provide discussion during these days of COVID-19. Check out upcoming and available topics and resources.

COVID-19 Resources

Remote Resources & Guidance for EM-Bound Medical Students

Navigating the match is difficult in routine times - and the 2021 Match will be anything but routine, thanks to the coronavirus. This compilation of resources, tailored for EM-bound medical students, puts you one click away from the crucial websites, FAQs, calendars, and resources you need.

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ACEP COVID-19 Physician Wellness

Being an emergency physician is already hard, but the COVID-19 crisis presents brand new concerns. The virus has ripple effects that extend to your family, your finances, your career and your future. Because each day presents a new challenge, let us help you find the right support.

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COVID-19 Critical Care Resources and Links

The Critical Care Committee has curated a list of sites and resources for EM students and residents.

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COVID-19 Wellness Resources

From the EMRA Wellness Committee:  In these difficult times, we would like to bring together the EM community and share ways we are supporting our personal wellness in the hope it helps or inspires others within the field.

In addition, we would like to share three great resources we have come across:

  1. The Healthcare Provider Wellness Support website with links to resources ranging from free food to streaming workouts. The creator is actively looking for additions and would love to hear from you!
  2. Remember that EMRA members get free, confidential counseling or wellness coaching sessions, 24 hours a day.
  3. Physician Support Line: Free confidential peer support telehealth line by volunteer psychiatrists for US Physician colleagues during the COVID19 Pandemic. Goes live TOMORROW 03/30 at 8am EST. Hours: 8am-12am EST 7 days a week. Check in at https://doxy.me/physiciansupportline

ACEP / EMRA Member Resources

You are risking your lives to care for patients from this unprecedented pandemic, and we all appreciate the additional stress on you and your families.

 Get clinical content, federal guidance, daily news updates, wellness resources and more.

ACEP COVID Resources

Available Topics

Operationalizing COVID Care : Tech and Healthcare Innovation

Christopher Peabody, MD, MPH
Founding Director, UCSF Acute Care Innovation Center

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Epidemics on the Edge

A conversation about global response to COVID in low resource settings and how lessons from one epidemic inform future efforts.

Dr. Andrea Tenner of UCSF who has been at the center of global Emergency Medicine for decades, from epidemiology to health systems development, and from the Ebola response in Sierra Leone to the current COVID-19 response in San Francisco.

Andrea Tenner, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor
Global Health Fellowship Director
UCSF Department of Emergency Medicine

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COVID Recap: Current Recommendations for EM Applicants

Fiona Gallahue, MD, FACEP
President, Council of Residency Directors in Emergency Medicine (CORD)
Program Director, Emergency Medicine Residency Program
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
University of Washington School of Medicine

Julianna Jung, MD
President, Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine (CDEM)
Director of Medical Student Education, Department of Emergency Medicine
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Hannah Hughes, MD, MBA
EMRA President
PGY-3, Chief Resident 2020-2021
University of Cincinnati

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COVID’s Impact for Osteopathic and International Medical Students

Program Director, Emergency Medicine Residency
Co-Program Director, Combined Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine Residency
Jefferson Health Northeast

Dorian Alexander, MD
Residency Program Director
Vice Chair of Academics
Department of Emergency Medicine
Brookdale University Hospital & Medical Center

Priyanka Lauber, DO
Current EMRA Board of Directors
Editor in Chief - EM Resident
Former PACEP Board of Directors (Pennsylvania ACEP)
Residency: Lehigh Valley Health Network, PGY3- class of 2021
Medical school: Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine - Class of 2017

Karina Sanchez, MD
Current EMRA Speaker of the Council
Incoming Faculty, Kern Medical
Residency: Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center
Medical school: Ross University School of Medicine

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Pediatric Ventilators for Emergency Providers

Tom Kallay, MD
Division Chief of Pediatric Critical Care

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Operationalizing COVID Care: NYC Response

Brendan Carr, MD
Chair of Emergency Medicine
Mount Sinai

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Impact of COVID on Vulnerable Populations : Part 2 - Racism

The EMRA Social EM Committee discusses what can be done to address the impact of structural racism on COVID-19 morbidity and morality on our patients.

Thea James, MD
Vice President of Mission
Associate Chief Medical Officer
Boston Medical Center

Garth Walker, MD, MPH
Clinician and Researcher
Northwestern EM
Buehler Center for Health Policy and Economics

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Pediatric COVID Disaster Preparedness

Rishi Desai, MD
Pediatric Infectious Disease Physician
Former CDC Epidemic Intelligence Office
Chief Medical Officer of Osmosis.org

Shiv Gaglani, MBA
Co-founder and CEO of Osmosis.org

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Caring for COVID-19 Patients: From the Perspective of the Amazing Physicians Hit Hardest in New York

COVID-19 Webinar with Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Medicine Physicians

Hosted by the EMRA Critical Care Committee

“What is the prognosis for my patient?”
“How should I manage all these various presentations of COVID?”
“Hydroxychloroquine, remdesevir, tocilizumab trials?”
“D-Dimer, LDH, Ferritin- what do I do with this information?”
“How can I keep myself safe in the Emergency Department?”

Tune in to have your questions answered!

Chad Meyers, MD
Director, Division of Emergency Critical Care, Mount Sinai Medical System

David Cherkas, MD, FACEP
Assistant professor, Emergency Medicine, Mount Sinai

Evan Leibner, MD 
Assistant professor, Emergency Medicine, Mount Sinai

Cameron Kyle-Sidell, MD
Maimonides Medical Center

Ashika Jain, MD, FACEP
Clinical Associate Professor, NYU Langone

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Socially Responsible Wilderness Exploration in the Time of COVID

Interested in learning skills and strategies for wilderness exploration during these days of social distancing? With many shelters no longer accessible, how can you pack to better prepare yourself. What are the best ways to be socially responsible while still getting out to explore? Learn all this and more on our wildnerness medicine call.

Guest Speakers:
Paul Auerbach, MD, MS, FACEP, MFAWM
Taylor Haston, MD
Ian Wedmore, MD

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Fresh-Baked COVID-19 Updates with EMRA and Brief19

First, Dr. Kimi Chernoby will help us all with some quarantine wellness by walking us through a bread dough prep, and then the Brief-19 team will answer your COVID-19 Health Policy and Research questions (you can submit your questions when you register for the call!)

Kimi Chernoby, MD, JD, MA
Editor, Policy Briefs | Brief19
Chief Resident
Emergency Medicine

Indiana University

Jermey Faust, MD, MS, MA
Editor-In-Chief, Policy Breifs | Brief19
Emergency Physician
Brigham and Women's Hospital

Joshua Niforatos, MD, MTS
Editor, Research Briefs | Brief19
Emergency Medicine
Johns Hopkins 

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Impact of COVID on Vulnerable Populations : Part 1 - Homeless Populations

The EMRA Social EM Committee discusses what can be done to mitigate the impact of COVID on our homeless patients.

Kelly Doran, MD, MHS
Assistant Professor
Department of EM and Population Health
NYY School of Medicine

William Soares, MD, MS
Assistant Professor
Department of EM
UMass Medical School - Baystate

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TOPIC : Prehospital Care During COVID-19: Response and Ethical Considerations

Join us as we hear from prehospital leaders from University of Washington, Mayo Clinic, and Mount Sinai regarding COVID-19 prehospital response and ethical considerations

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Operationalizing COVID Care: Ventilator Utilization Strategies

Anne Messman, MD
Vice Chair of Education
Wayne State University Dept of EM

Dr. Messman discusses Ventilator Utilization Strategies in the ED and tough decisions during COVID-19.

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Toxicology - Treatments on the Frontline

The EMRA Toxicology Committee will interview Dr. Zlad Kazzi to discuss COVID-19 treatment strategy updates and associated toxidromes.

Dr. Zlad Kazzi
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
Director fo the International Toxicology Postdoctoral Fellow Program - Emory University
Assistant Medical Director of the Georgia Poison Control Center
Board Member, American College of Medical Toxicology
President of the Middle East North Africa Clinical Toxicology Association

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COVID’s Impact on EM Residency Applications

Bo Burns, DO, FACEP
George Kaiser Family Foundation Chair in Emergency Medicine
Associate Professor Department of Emergency Medicine
University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine
CORD Board of Directors

Ronnie Kuo Ren, MD
Medical Education Fellow, Emergency Medicine
UMass - Baystate Medical Center
Co-Lead for Away Rotation Advising at CORD Advising Students Committee (ASC-EM)

Hannah Hughes, MD, MBA
EMRA President
PGY-3, Chief Resident 2020-2021
University of Cincinnati

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COVID's Implications on Away Rotations

J.V. Nable, MD
Clerkship Director, Emergency Medicine
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine Physician
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

Robbie Paulsen, MD
Clerkship Director, Emergency Medicine
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine Physician
University of Cincinnati

Hannah Hughes, MD, MBA
EMRA President
PGY-3, Chief Resident 2020-2021

University of Cincinnati

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Ultrasound for COVID-19

The Ultrasound Committee hosts a free webinar to discuss sonographic signs of COVID-19 and infection control and prevention.

Akash Desai MD
Resident, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York
EMRA Ultrasound Committee Chair

Michael D. Zwank, MD
Ultrasound Fellowship Director
Regions Hospital in St. Paul, MN

Gabriela Lopes, MD
Ultrasound Fellow
Maine Medical Center, Portland, ME

Lauren McCafferty, MD
Ultrasound Fellow
University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, OH

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Operationalizing COVID Care

Nida Degesys, MD 
Assistant Professor
Emergency Medicine
University of California San Francisco

Dr. Degesys discusses the things that UCSF has been doing to accommodate COVID patients in the emergency department and many things that have to be considered for patient and provider safety.

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