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If you're a fellow or an attending interested in serving as either a short-term or long-term mentor to those interested in critical care medicine fellowship, please complete this form. We will get back to you shortly. Thank you!

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May 18, 2024

Getting Started in EM Research: Lessons from Rising Stars

The EMRA Research Committee interviewed 4 soon-to-be legends in the emergency medicine research community, from residents to established faculty, to understand their experiences. Our interviewees — Mat Goebel, MD, MAS; Corey Hazekamp, MD, MS; Vinitha Jacob, MD, PhD; and Laura Harding-Jackson, DO, PhD — discussed how they got their start in EM research, relevant training, current focuses and niches, and more.

Feb 12, 2021

Magnolia Regional Health Center

Drs. Carlton and Baker discuss the Washington University at Magnolia Regional Health Center

May 21, 2024

ABEM Board Certification Changes: What You Need to Know

The financial, equitable, and logistical implications of a new, in-person ABEM certifying exam as planned — especially one that replaces the current virtual OCE format — warrants further consideration and discussion with the most affected stakeholders: trainees and early-career physicians.