20 in 6 Presentations 2016

Every year, up to fifteen residents compete in the event with spirited 6-minute talks about anything in emergency medicine that strikes their fancy. A panel of four judges, all well-known lecturers and emergency medicine leaders in their own right, give honest feedback to the competitors and determine the top two winners. The audience gets a chance to vote, too, by rewarding the coveted “People’s Choice” award.

2016 Winners

First Place Nikolai Schnittke, MD University of Wisconsin

"How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Sit on the qSOFA"

Second Place William Fox, MD UT Southwestern/Parkland Hospital

"The Anatomy of a Malpractice Suit; A Discussion of Malpractice in 7 Questions"

People's Choice Winner Caleb Sunde, MD UCSF Fresno

"Overcrowding and the Imperfect Art of Hallway Medicine"

Other Competitors

Annemarie Cardell, MD Mount Sinai St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Center

"Physician, Interrupted: Interruptions in the ED"

Megan Cobb, MD DPT, University of Maryland

"All Grow'd Up"

John Cook, DO Cook County Emergency Medicine John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital

"ED ECMO: The Basics"

Kyle Couperus, MD Madigan Army Medical Center

"What's That Sparkle In Your Eye?"

Nicole Munz, DO Einstein Medical Center

"Calcium Channel Blocker Toxicity"

Brooks Obr, MD University of Iowa Department of Emergency Medicine

"The Five Dysfunctions of a Team"

Amar Patel, MD New York Presbyterian Hospital

"Stop the Herniation, Save the Brain"

Cham Sante, MD University of New Mexico

"Transgender and Gender Nonconforming (TGGNC) Care in the ED"

Spencer Tomberg, MD Denver Health

"The Physics of Shoulder Reductions"

Paul Trinquero, MD Northwestern University

"Would you Like A Lactate With That?"

Rochelle Zarzar, MD Hennepin County Medical Center

"Reclaiming Death: End of Life Care in Emergency Medicine"

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