20 in 6 Presentations 2020

Every year, up to fifteen residents compete in the event with spirited 6-minute talks about anything in emergency medicine that strikes their fancy. A panel of four judges, all well-known lecturers and emergency medicine leaders in their own right, give honest feedback to the competitors and determine the top two winners. The audience gets a chance to vote, too, by rewarding the coveted “People’s Choice” award.

2020 Winners

"Those Who Show Up"

First Place: Sarah Carpenter, MD

"Allyship 101: Howto Be an Effective Ally and Reshape your Department"

Second Place: Reginald Severe, MD

"Unvented: Palliative Extubation in the Emergency Department"

Third Place: Brian Sumner, MD

"Performance Enhancing Shrubs: How Nature Can Improve Performance in the Emergency Department"

Fan Favorite: Dan Keller, MD

Other Competitors

"Imposter Syndrome"

CPT Chelsea Ausman, MD

"How to Reduce Ankles like an Ortho Pro"

Sophia Gorgens, MD

"Beyond Painful: Complications of Sickle Cell Disease"

Rebecca Kreston, MD, MSPH

"Roids: Why They Are All The Rage"

Jordan Lawson, DO

"Debriefing in Emergency Medicine"

Zeinab Shafie-Khorassani, DO

"What Are You?"

Clementine Stowe-Daniel, DO

"The Uncommon Storm"

Katie VanNatta, DO, MBA, MS

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Nov 09, 2020

20 in 6 Presentations 2020

EMRA 20 in 6 Lecture Competition Presenters for 2020. 20 slides in 6 minutes.