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Student Advising Guide


Zachary Jarou, MD
University of Chicago

Associate Editors

Emily A. Hillman, MD
University of Missouri-Kansas City/Truman Medical Center

Adam Kellogg, MD, FACEP
University of Massachusetts Medical School — Baystate Health

Lucienne Lutfy-Clayton, MD, FACEP
University of Massachusetts Medical School — Baystate Health

Alexis Pelletier-Bui, MD
Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

Jamie Shandro, MD, MPH, FACEP
University of Washington School of Medicine

EMRA Board of Directors 2018-2019

Omar Maniya, MD, MBA | President 
Hannah Hughes, MD, MBA | President-Elect 
Zach Jarou, MD | Immediate Past President
Tommy Eales, DO | Secretary/Editor, EM Resident 
Nathan Vafaie, MD, MBA | Speaker of the Council 
Karina Sanchez, MD | Vice-Speaker of the Council
Erik Blutinger, MD, MSc | Resident Representative to ACEP
Sara Paradise, MD | Director of Education
Angela Cai, MD, MBA | Director of Health Policy 
Greg Tanquary, DO, MBA | Director of Membership 
Nick Salerno, MD | Director of Technology
Eric McDonald, MD | ACGME RC-EM Liaison
Scott Pasichow, MD, MPH | EMRA Representative to AMA 
Corey McNeilly | Medical Student Council Chair

EMRA Staff

Cathey B. Wise, CAE | Executive Director
Valerie Hunt | Managing Editor


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This book is intended as a general guide only. While the editors have taken reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of all information presented herein, the user is encouraged to consult other resources when necessary. The publisher, authors, editors, and sponsoring organizations specifically disclaim any liability for omissions or errors found in this handbook or for appropriate use.

Please be aware: We have cited NRMP Charting Outcomes in multiple chapters, along with AAMC resources. NRMP, AAMC, and the authors have attempted to produce unbiased and, where available, evidence-based information and advice regarding matching and competitiveness. However, there are no perfect studies available to give us the best evidence. We have used the best information available, and caveats are present. In this guide, we reference matched and unmatched candidates; it should be noted that a matched candidate indicates a candidate who matched into a preferred specialty. An unmatched candidate did not match into the preferred specialty, but did not necessarily not match into residency at all.

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