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Edited By

Joseph Turner, MD, FACEP

David Reid, DO

Chapter 1: Emergency Medicine: The Specialty
Brian J. Zink, MD

Chapter 2: Career Paths in Emergency Medicine
Joseph Turner, MD, FACEP

Chapter 3: Mentoring in Emergency Medicine
Gloria J. Kuhn, DO, PhD, FACEP

Chapter 4: The Foundational Sciences and Third Year Clerkships
Elizabeth Werley, MD, FACEP and Susan B. Promes, MD, FACEP

Chapter 5: Extracurricular Activities
Tina Sundaram, MD; David Reid, DO; and Jill Corbo, MD, RDMS

Chapter 6: USMLE Exams: Jumping the Hurdle
Dustin B. Williams, MD

Chapter 7: Fourth Year and Emergency Medicine Rotations
Jeremy Sperling, MD, FACEP and Jonathan St. George, MD

Chapter 8: Your Residency Application
Katie Pettit, MD and Carey Chisholm, MD

Chapter 9: Surviving the Interview
Michael C. Bond, MD, FACEP, FAAEM and Amal Mattu, MD, FACEP, FAAEM

Chapter 10: The Match
Jeffrey Manko, MD

Chapter 11: Life After the Match
Colleen A. Crowe, MD, MPH, FACEP and Alicia Pilarski, DO

Chapter 12: Financial Advice for the Future Emergency Physician
James M. Dahle, MD, FACEP

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