Rockefeller Oteng, MD, FACEP, FGCS

Rockefeller Oteng was born in Ghana, West Africa and spent the first 9yrs between England and Ghana. He then moved and spent my youth in Northern Virginia. He attended Virginia commonwealth University as an undergrad, University of Cincinnati for medical school and then completed my EM residency at the University of Michigan. Since graduation, he's aimed my academic energy at the creation of sustainable human capacity for health through the creation of Emergency Medical Systems of care. He also helped created the specialty through the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons, along with a nursing component, and have developed research interest related to these processes. My currently funded research is related to TBI characterization and outcomes in Ghana.

Rockefeller believes that the systematic introduction of high quality, in-country EM training programs in LMIC's is the public health intervention that will improve health outcomes by providing a safety net of standardized care, but also providing clinical research data to drive local evidence based interventions.

Over 400 applications were reviewed by the selection committee, comprised of Steven J. Stack, MD, MBA, FACEP, Zach Jarou, MD, Omar Z. Maniya, MD, MBA, Hannah Hughes, MD, MBA, Ven Subramanyam, MD, Erin Karl, MD, and Jazmyn Shaw.

The selection committee was blinded to EMRA and/or ACEP membership status. Care was taken to ensure both a diverse applicant pool and awardee group. For any questions, contact Cathey Wise at

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