Faculty Teaching Excellence Award

Purpose of Award

Given to an outstanding faculty member who has served as a unique role model for residents

Application Process

Single letter of support, the nominee's curriculum vitae, and application form


Attending physician

Selection Criteria

Recognition by ones own institution for their teaching excellence

Application Deadline

October 18, 2023

Date of Inception


Apply Now

Past Recipients

2023 Abdullah Bakhsh, MBBS
2022 Ran Ran, MD
2021 Michelle Lin, MD
2020 Laura Welsh, MD
2019 Kelly Young, MD, MS
2018 Ryan Pedigo, MD
2017 Melanie Watts, MD
2016 Joseph S. Turner, MD
2015 William Woods, MD, FACEP
2014 Jamil Bayram, MD, MPH
2013 Harold "Hal" Thomas, MD, FACEP
2012 Christopher Doty, MD, FACEP
2011 David F. M. Brown, MD, FACEP
2010 Rob Rogers, MD, FACEP
2009 Ryan Armstrong, MD, M.Ed
2008 &Rahul Sharma, MD, MBA
2007 Peter DeBlieux, MD
2006 Chris Carpenter, MD
2005 Brian J. Levine, MD
2004 Angela Anderson, MD
2003 Cherri Hobgood, MD
2002 Thomas Lemke, MD
2001 Gus Garmel, MD
2000 Mel Herbert, MD
1999 Frederick M. Schiavone, MD
1998 William R. Fraser, MD
1997 Alan B. Wolfson, MD
1996 &Keith D. Wrenn, MD
1995 Paul A. Blackburn, DO
1994 Jeffrey S. Jones, MD
1993 James L. Scott, MD
1992 Robert Petrilli, MD
1991 Vincent Markovchick, MD
1990 David A. Talan, MD
1989 Robert K. Knopp, MD
1988 Mary Ann Cooper, MD
1987 Susan E. Dufel, MD
1986 Thomas O. Stair, MD

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