EMRA at ACEP21 On Demand

EMRA offered 40+ hours of educational content and games at ACEP21.  Check out everything here.

Committee Programming


Emergency Medicine Beyond the Walls

Drs. Al'ai Alvarez, Adaira Landry, Jessica Faiz, Linelle Campbell discuss Emergency Medicine beyond the walls of the ED.

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Ultrasound Kahoot!

Join EMRA's Ultrasound Committee for a game of Kahoot! A winner is already crowned, but that doesn't mean you can't test your skills and knowledge while watching the session.

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How to Deliver an Entertaining Conference Session

Watch EMRA's Education Committee's PowerPoint slideshow workshop to teach you "How to Deliver an Entertaining Conference Session".

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Fundamentals of International EM: Learning by Example

Fundamentals of International EM: Learning by Example, with Dr. Sagar Galwankar by EMRA's Int’l Committee

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Critical Care Mentoring Hangout

Watch the ACEP21 discussion about Career and Fellowship Options in Crit Care, presented by the EMRA Critical Care Committee

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Managing Change in EM

Admin Ops and Wellness Committees present Managing Change in EM with Drs. Arlene Chung, Bruce Lo, and Lara Vanyo

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Government Services: Mass Casualty and Emergency Preparedness with Dr. Eric Goralnick

EMRA's Gov’t Services discuses how to learn from disasters to reduce preventable deaths with Dr. Eric Goralnick

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Q&A with Sports Medicine

Join EMRA's Sports Med Committee for an all-star lineup to explore this career path.

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Chasing Zebras

Is Simulation your jam? This session will go through a SIM casebook titled Chasing Zebras.

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Hot Takes Policy Talks + Guest Speaker: Dr. Ming Lin | Health Policy Committee

EMRA's Health Policy Committee powers a session dedicated to health policy hot takes with guest speaker Dr. Ming Lin!

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Exotic Snake Envenomations

EMRA's Toxicology Committee is joined by Dr. RIttirak Othong to discuss Exotic Snake Envenomations.

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EMRA 25 Under 45

In 2019, in celebration of our 45th Anniversary, EMRA launched its 45 Under 45 campaign to recognize young emergency medicine physicians who are changing the world. This effort connected with our specialty in a meaningful way -- so much so, we continue this effort with our 25 Under 45 campaign.

We are excited to introduce you to these outstanding young physicians whose contributions embody the spirit of the specialty. We can’t wait to experience the world they will bring us!

Check out the 25 Under 45 honorees