EMRA Wilderness Olympics

Pick Your Favorite Team

Dear EMRA Wilderness Fans! Wilderness Olympics are fast approaching and our competing teams have submitted their team photos in preparation for the live event taking place next week, October 28 at 5pm CST. Vote on your favorite team photo and tell all your EMRA friends (your fellow residents, medical students and alumni members!) to do the same.

Voting closes October 27 at midnight! Look forward to seeing you all at Wilderness Olympics, so don’t forget to register for ACEP 2020 EMRA events (it’s free!).

Pick Your Favorite Team


This year, we, the EMRA Wilderness Committee, are happy to present a brand-new event, the Wilderness Olympics, that will take place at Unconventional ACEP 2020.

Olympics? What happened to MedWAR? - As in-person ACEP is now moved to a virtual event, and MedWAR 2020 has unfortunately been cancelled. Despite the ongoing public health disaster in the world, and being separated geographically, we are hoping to provide an outlet for all wilderness medicine lovers and those interested in some healthy competition.

Okay, so what is it? - Wilderness Olympics is a multi-event competition will challenge you physically and academically. Remember Billy Madison’s Academic Decathlon? Well our event may not have as many categories, but the highlights include a Wilderness Trivia competition, live improv station, scenario writing, long distance running, and a team costume competition.

Keep exploring and we hope to see you at Unconventional ACEP!

EMRA Wilderness Olympics

Register today!

Schedule of Events:

  1. Pre-conference
    • All events must be completed and submitted by Oct. 15, 2020
    • Academics: WRITE a wilderness medicine scenario and FILM it being done
    • Physical fitness: Each team member must complete a minimum 5 mile and 1,000 ft in elevation gain hike/trail run
    • Team Comradery: Make team jerseys/shirts
  2. Conference Daily Challenges
    • Taking place Oct. 25 - 27, 2020 
    • All conference daily challenges will be emailed at 8am CST
    • All daily challenges must be submitted by 3pm CST
  3. Live Event
    • Wednesday, Oct. 28, 5-8pm CST
      • 6-8pm for general audience
    • Wilderness Trivia
    • Wilderness Medicine Improv

Ground rules:

  • Teams of up to 5, minimum of 3
  • All members must check in for the live events and be featured in all pre-conference events
  • Must have a submission for all pre-conference events
  • Top 5 teams will be recognized at the awards ceremony
  • Winner will be guaranteed a team entry in next year’s MedWAR 

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