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Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Insurance Basics
McNeilly, Hutchins, Davlantes

Chapter 2. Insurance Challenges
Maughan E., Morkos El Hayek, Kahn

Chapter 3. Utilization of Emergency Services
Tanquary, Evans, Little

Chapter 4. The Impact of EMTALA
TenBrink, O’Sullivan, Dhaliwal R., Dodd

Chapter 5. Crowding and Boarding
Li, Kharel, Best

Chapter 6. Non-Emergent Visits and Challenges to the Prudent Layperson Standard
Gettel, Kharel, Samuels

Chapter 7. Frequent Fliers: High Cost, High Need
Gordon, Dowling, Tassey, Drake

Chapter 8. Freestanding EDs, Satellite EDs, and Urgent Care Centers
Medina, Villars, Sugarman


Chapter 9. Introduction to Payment
Fuehrer, McKenzie, Celeste

Chapter 10. Reforming Fee-for-Service: Paying for Performance
Berg, Schafer

Chapter 11. Delivery System Reform
Perry, Alvelo, Worley

Chapter 12. Data Registries: Impact on Quality and Reimbursement
Knapp, Schrader

Chapter 13. Balance Billing and Fair Coverage
Sontag, Dhaliwal J., Granovsky

Chapter 14. Regulatory Environment Evolution and Dangers
Karfunkle, Kirilichin


Chapter 15. Graduate Medical Education Funding
Haddad, Gupta

Chapter 16. Physician Shortage and Physician Workforce Challenge
Koski-Vacirca, VanderVinne, Burmeister

Chapter 17. Advanced Practice Providers in the ED
Shareef, Craine, Bern

Chapter 18. Controversies in Board Certification
Kahale, Ravichandran, Deal

Chapter 19. Medical Liability Reform
Itani, Dark

Chapter 20. Corporate Practice of [Emergency] Medicine

Chapter 21. EHRs and HIEs: Technology in Patient Care
Fowler, Olivieri

Chapter 22. Telehealth
Schefkind, DeKosky, Hussain

Chapter 23. Palliative and End-of-Life Care in the ED
Bowman, Kraus

Chapter 24. Mental Health in the ED
Meadows, Tucci

Chapter 25. Community Paramedicine and EMS Policy Issues
Yang, Durrani, Simmons, Pescatore

Chapter 26. Opioids
Horattas, Carbone, Koy

Chapter 27. Drug Shortages and Prescription Drug Costs
Kim, Jain, Kapoor, Proietti

Chapter 28. Social Determinants of Health
Janeway, Fockele, Hsieh

Chapter 29. Women’s Health
Lawson, Holzman, Cowling


Chapter 30. How a Bill Becomes Law
Choujaa, Marko, Stanzer

Chapter 31. Legislative Advocacy
Balkin, Robbins, Knowles

Chapter 32. Getting Involved in the House of Medicine.
Ross, Josey, Schrader

Chapter 33. Health Services Research
Woody Scott, Nabel, Seidenfeld, Maughan B.


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